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    Rumor: Palm to Launch a webOS Blitz in 2009 With Eos

    PhoneNews.com is reporting that they have received confirmation that Palm will be launching a second webOS phone in 2009. The Palm Eos, if the rumors are true, will replace the last Palm OS smartphone, the insanely popular Centro.

    Palm fans should expect to see the Palm Pre go live later this month on Sprint. Expect the Pre to show up in it’s GSM/UMTS duds on Vodafone before the end of the year. And now we should expect to see the new Eos show up on AT&T and Sprint (GSM and EVDO, receptively) before the end of the year.

    Take all of this with several gains of salt. Palm themselves have not talked about the Eos publicly yet, but the Centro needs to be replaced and I’m sure that Palm is more than ready to update their popular phone with something that is even more hip and inexpensive.

    If all of this is true, I’m feeling really good about Palm’s chances to stage a come back this year. w00t!

    Get the inside scoop as reported by PhoneNews.com on the AT&T Palm Eos and the Sprint Palm Eos.

    [Via PhoneNews.com…]

    Image courtesy of Engadget.