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    Report Your Pre Bluetooth Car Kit Issues

    Pre owners, are you having using the Bluetooth features of your smartphone with your vehicle’s Bluetooth car kit? If so, Palm wants to hear from you.

    I have been working with the other moderators at Palm’s Support Community Forums to identify issues between the Pre and Bluetooth car kits. We have been working to collect data from Pre users to identify which make and model year cars are having issues with the hope of being able to enhance Bluetooth support in future versions of webOS. The kind of information that is being collected is:

    • Make/Model:

    • Year:
Carkit Model info (Manufacturer, firmware version, etc):
    • Details of problem: (e.g. pairing drops, static on the line, buttons mapped incorrectly, etc)
webOS version:
Included in compatibility list:

    Palm’s Pre Bluetooth compatibility list can be found on the Palm website. Once you have gathered the information specific to your vehicle, you can post that data in Palm’s Bluetooth support forum.