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    Labor Day Mobile Games Sale Is ON!!

    It’s Labor Day weekend here in the United States and that means there there are some good sales going on for some great mobile games – to help you NOT labor.

    Gameloft and Electronic Arts have many games in Apple’s App Store on sale for $0.99.

    Atari and APPODAY are running a promotion on the Atari’s Greatest Hits game for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.  You can download the complete 99-game pack for FREE between August 31 – September 1!  Better get cracking, as this offer expires TODAY!  Once you download the games to your iOS device, you can have unlimited play until you delete the Atari’s Greatest Hits games off your device. Once you do, you have to pay $9.99 for all the games, or $0.99 for a game pack.

    Astraware HP TouchPad Word Games on Sale

    Astraware, a long time creator of mobile games is running a promotion for their HP TouchPad webOS word games. For more details, checkout the HP App Catalog or the Astraware HP TouchPad word games website.

    Thanks to RobT for the tip!

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    Astraware Games Now Available for Nook Color

    Astraware® is excited to announce the launch of four games, now available on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet. The Astraware games are available through NOOK Apps™, a collection of high-quality applications launched this week for NOOK Color. As was announced on April 25, 2011 Barnes & Noble issued a major software update that delivered significant new features and content to its NOOK Color Reader’s Tablet including NOOK Apps, one of the most-requested features from NOOK Color customers.

    Astraware Mahjong, Astraware Solitaire, Astraware Sudoku, and Astraware Casino have all been optimized to take advantage of NOOK Color’s high resolution screen, and touchscreen controls. Astraware Mahjong is currently exclusive to NOOK Color on the Android platform for a limited time.

    “We’ve put together a selection of titles that are ideal for people who like to both relax and use their brains – which will be perfect for NOOK Color owners! With great features to make the games rewarding to play, and customisation to really make them your own, these will sit perfectly alongside the books, magazines, and entertainment that NOOK Color owners already enjoy!”

    All 4 games can be purchased for $4.99 each on device. NOOK Color customers can easily download each game in seconds from Shop on NOOK Color. For more information on NOOKcolor, visit http://www.nookcolor.com. For more information on Astraware games, visit: http://www.astraware.com.
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    Astraware Mahjong Released for iOS

    Today, Astraware has released Mahjong for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

    Mahjong is described by Wikipedia as a Chinese game based on 152 tiles; which is a game of skill, strategy and  calculation with a little bit of chance thrown in for good measure.

    Astraware Mahjong for iOS includes the following gaming features:

    • AutoZoom – optional feature which zooms in or out from the play area
    • Mahjong of the Day daily challenge
    • Truly solvable puzzles at Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty levels, as well as Classic
    • Full tutorial with photos to help you learn how to play
    • More than 30 different puzzle layouts
    • Supports Game Center achievements. Earn all the achievements to unlock the Golden Tile Set
    • Optional tile highlighting – removable tiles appear lighter in colour. This can be adjusted in Settings)
    • Helpful assistance features including the ability to shuffle the tiles or undo moves
    • A choice of decorative tile sets and traditional backgrounds
    • Ability to play in landscape or portrait modes
    • Universal binary is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Retina display devices
    • Automatically saves when you exit and allows you to play your own music in the background.

     Astraware Mahjong is available now exclusively from the Apple iTunes store for $0.99. (iTunes link)

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    Astraware Releases Tradewinds 2 for HP webOS

    Whether you are new to gaming on your smartphone or have been around for a long time, you owe it to yourself to check out the games that Astraware releases.  These guys make some of  the best mobile games around.

    Staffordshire, UK – November 11, 2010 – Astraware® and Sandlot Games® are excited to announce they are bringing the highly-acclaimed adventure trading game, Tradewinds® 2, to Palm® Pre™ and Pre Plus smartphones.

    Astraware has recently released its first games for webOS™, and is delighted to work with long-term partner Sandlot Games to add to the range of quality games on the App Catalog by bringing one of its most popular franchises to the platform.
    “Astraware continues to be a fantastic partner on a variety of platforms, bringing the best of our franchises to new users worldwide,” said Daniel Bernstein, CEO of Sandlot Games. “We look forward to the success of Tradewinds 2 on the webOS platform.”
    Based on the PC game of the same name, Tradewinds 2 is an adventure trading game set in the Caribbean. Players are invited to navigate a fascinating new world and discover uncharted ports teeming with friends and foes alike. They can be a master commander, defeating pirates and plundering their vast hordes of booty, or they can play it safe by trading exotic island goods, gradually amassing untold wealth, power and influence.
    “We’re delighted to work with Sandlot to bring Tradewinds 2 to webOS smartphones,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “Many long-time Palm users will know and love the Tradewinds games and we’re sure they’ll love the hours of in-depth game play, trading in goods, battling pirates and completing missions”.
    Tradewinds 2 is available now for Palm Pre and Pre Plus running webOS 1.4.5 from the App Catalog on device. For more information about the game, visit http://www.astraware.com/webos/tradewinds2.
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    Astraware Releases Casino, Police Range for webOS

     Astraware has released another pair of their popular games for webOS this past week.  Joining Suduku and OddBlob is Astraware Casino and Police Range.

    Astraware® is excited to announce the release of 2 new titles for the Palm® Pre™ and Pre Plus.  Astraware Casino and Police Range follow hot on the heels of Astraware’s debut webOS™ releases, Astraware Sudoku and OddBlob, which received an excellent reception from the webOS community on their release.

    “It’s great to be launching these extra titles for the Pre,” said David Oakley, CTO of Astraware, “and the great feedback and interest we’ve had from the webOS community makes it exciting to be so connected with our userbase and their requests.”

    Astraware Casino, already Astraware’s best-seller across a range of smartphone platforms, features 11 of the most popular casino games in 1 easy-to-use pack including Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Craps, Roulette, Slots, and Blackjack.  The game includes instructions on how to play each game and has a fun awards system – the Souvenir Suitcase – with awards unlockable in each of the games!

    Police Range is a fun target practice range where players can put their skill and accuracy to the test as they train on 2 different types of police practice range – Crime Alley and Target Practice. Online high score leaderboards add to the challenge as players compete against their friends and other players worldwide.

    Both games, built using Palm’s PDK, require the 1.4.5 webOS upgrade to be able to run. Astraware Casino and Police Range are available now, priced $2.99, from Palm’s App Catalog on device. For more information and screenshots, visit: http://www.astraware.com/webos.

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    Astraware Releases A Pair of Games for webOS

    Today, Astraware has released their first two games for Palm webOS: Astraware Sudoku and OddBlob.

    Staffordshire, UK – August 24, 2010 – Astraware® is excited to announce the release of its first games for Palm® webOS™. The first two games, Astraware Sudoku and OddBlob, will initially support Pre™ and Pre Plus devices with support for Pixi™ to be added later.

    Astraware Sudoku is a multi-award-winning version of the worldwide smash puzzle game. It is packed with features that avid Sudoku players love, including the unique Puzzle of the Day feature, which sees in excess of 20,000 users regularly downloading the daily puzzles and uploading their times on the global leader board. First released for smartphones earlier this year, OddBlob is a cute puzzle-arcade game entirely created from modeling clay, and featuring online leader boards for players to post their high scores in both Strategy and Panic modes.

    “We’re delighted to be re-establishing our long-term relationship with Palm, and supporting the new platform with a range of great casual games,” said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. “Our experience at supporting well-featured devices in a range of sizes and resolutions has helped us to make our first webOS games a pleasure to play, and we look forward to bringing many more titles to the platform.”

    Astraware intends to bring a number of their own-IP games to the webOS platform as well as working with their premium licensor partners to add to the range of quality casual games available in the Palm App Catalog.

    “Palm has a rich history with Astraware, and we’re excited to see that relationship continue with the webOS platform,” said Ben Galbraith, director of Developer Marketing, Palm, Inc. “Astraware’s popular titles are a welcome addition to the breadth and quality of webOS games in the Palm App Catalog.”

    Astraware Sudoku and OddBlob are available now on the webOS App Catalog, priced $4.99 each. For more information visit http://www.astraware.com/webos.

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    Astraware Releases Police Range for iPhone/iPod touch

    Astraware, the gaming branch of Handmark, has released Police Range for the iPhone/iPod touch.

    “Put your skill and accuracy to the test as you train on the shooting range to become a crack police marksman. Compete against your friends or others worldwide to post the best scores on the online high score table and show off your shooting skills!”

    Police Range offers two modes of play: Target Practice and Crime Alley. Use the Target Practice mode to improve your accuracy and reaction times on the shooting range. And when you are up to the task of taking out the trash, and change over to Crime Alley to take out targets of potential perps lurking in windows and doorways. Just be sure not to accidentally shoot any civilians.

    Police Range is available now for $0.99 from the iTunes App Store (iTunes link). For more information, or to watch a YouTube video of Police Range in action, visit the Astraware website.

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    Astraware Solitaire Halloween Makeover for iPhone, iPod touch

    Astraware, the Handmark Game Studio, has released version 1.25 of Astraware Solitaire, also known as 12 Solitaire Games, for the iPhone and iPod touch.

    In this latest edition, Astraware helps get in the holiday “spirit” by including a range of spooky Halloween card backs and game backgrounds.

    Astraware Solitaire costs $0.99 (iTunes link) for new customers and existing customers can upgrade to the latest release for free.

    To learn more about Astraware Solitaire, please visit the Astraware/Handmark website.

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    Astraware Solitaire Updated for iPhone, iPod touch

    Handmark’s game division, Astraware, has released a new update to Astraware Solitaire for the iPhone and iPod touch.

    The maintenance update includes some stylistic enhancements and bug fixes; including:

    • New shiny card backs and backgrounds
    • Swishing sound when card piles are moved around
    • Four bug fixes
    • Graphical tweaks

    The Astraware Solitaire for iPhone and iPod touch update is free to previous owners of the game and can be downloaded from the desktop or directly on your device. You can learn more about Solitaire for the iPhone and iPod touch on the Astraware website.

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    Briefly Noted: DataViz DTG, Astraware Solitaire Updated

    I noticed earlier today that DataViz Documents To Go for iPhone OS was updated to version 1.2 and Handmark Astraware Solitaire was updated to version 1.15, also for iPhone OS.

    DataViz Documents To Go

    The minor updates baked into the latest maintenance release of Documents To Go for iPhone OS 2.2 and later include:

    • Change font type and size
    • First line indenting
    • Shake undo/redo (requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later)

    The update screen, found in the App Store application on my iPod touch, in the Update tab, also indicates that the next planned update will, drum roll please, include Excel spreadsheet editing!

    The update has a date of 5/25/09, however, I’ve yet to see the update before, and is free to all owners of Documents To Go for iPhone and iPod touch.

    Astraware Solitaire

    The updates to Astraware Solitaire for the iPhone and iPod touch include the following minor changes:

    • Support for landscape rotation
    • New backgrounds
    • Various minor bug fixes

    Solitaire has a date of 8/14/09 and is a free update for existing customers.

    You can update both application either from iTunes on your Mac or PC, or directly from your iPhone or iPod touch using the App Store application.