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Brighthand: Why I Like the Mobile Companion Concept

Ed Hardy has a new editorial over on Brighthand. In it he writes:

“A few weeks ago, Palm, Inc. unveiled the Foleo, the first product in its new “Mobile Companion” category.

This won’t be a handheld, smartphone, or laptop. As its name suggests, it will be a special-purpose device intended to act in conjunction with a smartphone and not replacing it, letting people view the Web and their email on a larger screen and enter text with a full-size keyboard

Even though Palm doesn’t want to admit it, it’s not the first company to develop something like this. The first one I can think of that that attracted worldwide attention was the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, which was recently followed up by the N800.

Whether you call the device a Mobile Companion or an Internet Tablet, this is a class of devices that I believe has a great deal of potential.”

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