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BlackBerry Tour On Deck

Following closely behind the Verizon Motorola Droid, I have gotten my hands on a BlackBerry Tour 9630!

The BlackBerry Tour is currently available from both Verizon Wireless and Sprint. Unlike the other CDMA/EVDO smarphones in their line ups, the Tour is considered a “World phone” because it also has a GSM radio and SIM card slot. The demo unit that I have from Verizon was shipped out with a Vodafone SIM card in it.

Just like the Moto Droid, I’ll be testing this phone out as a replacement phone for my company’s fleet of Palm Treo 700p and 755p smartphones. I’ll have a short review of the BlackBerry Tour 9630 ready at the end of my demo period.

If you are interested in digging into all the details about the Tour 9630 now, you will want to check out the BlackBerry website.


  • Sophie Tyler Neil

    The tour is really good, its 2013 and yet I'm still using my tour. Its still competitive nowadays. The only advantage of other smartphones in my opinion, is their super amoled and oled screen that utilize a nkk switch to make the colors more vibrant. But all in all, I'm still contented with my tour.

  • Dave Thomas

    The Blackberry Tour is still rocking the mid range smartphone bracket. Enabling the BB social is essential to maximize all of its function, that's probably a necessity for all Blackberry units anyway. The lack of WiFi is the only knock that I can see on this unit but availing the social services or 3G would negate that weakness. Its a phone that still has a significance even after a couple of years in the market.