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Avvenu Access ‘n Share Coming to the Palm Foleo

Palm an Avvenu have announced that a Foleo Mobile Companion client for Avvenu’s Access ‘n Share service will be made available on the same day that Palm releases the Foleo.

Previously available for Palm Treo smartphones and PC/Mac web browsers, this new version of Access ‘n Share was developed to take full advantage of Foleo’s large screen size and wireless capabilities. Foleo users can securely browse PC files and folders, preview photos, download and upload documents, and share files with others. Access ‘n Share also provides an optional personal digital locker that allows users to securely store and synchronize files from their PCs to an Avvenu server, providing remote access even when their PCs are turned off or not connected to the Internet.

“Palm Foleo is a great way to display and edit documents and information available on a Palm Treo smartphone,” said Richard French, chief executive officer for Avvenu. “Avvenu Access ‘n Share completes the proposition by allowing Foleo users to remotely access and share files stored on their work or home personal computers, whenever they are connected to the Internet.”

“The combination of a Foleo, Treo and Avvenu Access ‘n Share gives mobile professionals a direct route to access business-critical information without the worry of carrying everything with them,” said Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development for Palm, Inc. “And the Foleo’s large screen and full-size keyboard is optimal for viewing and editing downloaded PowerPoint or Word documents.”

More information on the Palm Foleo Mobile Companion can be found at the Palm website. Additional information on Avvenu’s Access ‘n Share service can be found on the Avvenu website.


  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to have a VNC app ported to this as well 😀BTW, thanks for making anonymous blogging possible, I suspect alot of people were viewing your blog but like myself didnt want to register with google.Keep up the great work!BaDZeD

  • BaDZeD

    But VNC is a must as well as it creates a solution to not having all of the apps onboard. I’ve found myself using PalmVNC on my TX quite a bit to get access to both my home and work computers and to control their functions (like dvd transcoding and burning). Having this capability on a decent size screen could only further the zen experience by making it not only a smartphone but also a pc companion.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    VPN and VNC are two different things with two different focuses. VPN is about gaining access to protected assets.VNC (Virtual Network Computing) is more about remote control. I’ve been using VNC on Palm OS devices for years going all the way back to the Handspring Visor Prism and Xircom 56k modem Springboard card.I would agree that there is a need for remote control. VNC has already been ported to all of the major platforms, including Linux, so it shouldn’t be much of a chore to port the VNC client and server applications to the Foleo once the software development kit (SDK) has been released.Alan G

  • Anonymous

    I am running a server at home with VMware on it. One of the VMware sessions is a complete Windows Desktop.In my work as a teacher I want to have access to my data, but I don’t want my data with me, one always risks a laptop to be stolen.I tried VNC before on a Palm tungsten but it’s screen was to small. So I know use in on my laptop, which is rather expensive.I looked at some smartphones but they still have screens that are to small for real productive work.A foleo with VNC would be perfect.