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Apple Store Weekend Continues…I Bought the Apple Leather Loop Band

I was suppose to be going to the Apple Store Trumbull with my father to see about getting him an upgrade to an Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

Before leaving the house, I said I wasn’t going to buy anything.  Everyone laughed.  I guess they were right, because while my dad was talking to the Apple Store employees, I ended up buying a fancy new blue leather band for my Apple Watch Sport.

The Leather Loop band is made from quilted Venezia leather and, like the Milanese Loop band, closes the strap magnetically.  The leather is very comfortable and I liked the way if feels on my wrist.  It’s a very nice upgrade from the two sport edition bands that I have.

Not wanting to wait until I got home to try on the new band, I had to unbox it right in the store.

Apple Store Trumbull was packed on iPhone launch weekend
Boy, that sure is a smart looking leather band
The Apple Store app can be so dangerously easy to use