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Apple Releases FaceTime for Mac OS X

During today’s Back To Mac event, Apple released a beta version of their FaceTime client for Mac OS X.

FaceTime was initially released earlier this year with the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.  My junior blogger, Meghan and I called my father, who has an iPhone 4, and I have to say that FaceTime is a super cool, easy to use video chat application.

To use FaceTime, you need to download the Mac OS X beta application from the Apple website.  Once you install the app, you sign-in to Apple’s system using your Apple ID.  Apple IDs are free, and if you are purchasing content from the iTunes Store, you already have an Apple ID.  You also have the option of adding a different email account as your “phone number” to make calls from your Mac.

To make a call with FaceTime on your Mac, you start the app, and then click a name in the right window pane which contact the contacts you have in your Mac OS X Address Book application.

For more information on FaceTime for Mac OS X, check out the Apple FaceTime website.