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Apple Posts Redesigned iTunes 11

Last week, Apple released iTunes 11, the next major upgrade to the company’s media management and iOS device sync software for Mac and Windows PCs.

It has been widely reported about the new features of iTunes 11 with it’s iCloud integration, cleaner design layout and improved iTunes Store layout.

Love it or hate it, iTunes 11 has a new design layout that is a big departure from all previous versions of  iTunes.  New users may find the changes welcome, but for long time users like myself, who have been using iTunes since version 1.0, the changes can be a little bit disorienting and a little confusing.

No problems.  To get a more familiar view of iTunes back, turn on the iTunes Sidebar.

Just use the View > Show Sidebar menu command or press Option + Command + S on your keyboard.

Oh, and there is also a small side benefit; in the iTunes 11 Sidebar, the colored icons are back!