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    Apple Releases iOS 7.0.2 for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C

    Earlier today, Apple released the second iOS 7 update, iOS 7.0.2.

    This minor update for the newly released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C is intended to address a vulnerability that was detected last week that could allow an attacker to bypass the security lock screen. If you happen to have the Greek version of iOS installed on your device, you can once again use the Greek language keyboard for passcode entry.
    The latest iOS upgrade can be downloaded via the Software Update control panel located at: Settings > General > Software Update.
    The iOS 7.0.2 upgrade weighs in at 17.4MB, which is practically nothing when compared to the over 700MB iOS 7 upgrade package pushed out on Wednesday, September 18.  Previously, Apple released iOS 7.0.1 for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last Friday, September 20 as a minor tweak for the new hardware.
    Apple is also working on an iOS 7.1 update that many people believe will be released on or around October 15 as part of what is rumored to be the iPad refresh event held ahead of the all important holiday shopping season.
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    Apple Posts iOS 7.0.1 Update for iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C

    As Apple began selling the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C to customers this morning, iOS 7.0.1 was also rolling out to all the newly activated iPhones.

    The minor update, simply lists “bug fixes and improvements” as the payload for this update.  My guess is these are just last minute tweaks for the new hardware.  The update is just 17.6MB.
    Apple is also said to be working on iOS 7.0.2 and 7.1 already according to the usual “people close to the matter”.
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    iPhone 5S Status Update – I Got Mine!

    It has been a beautiful fall day here in Connecticut, especially since I was lucky enough to pick up a 32GB Space Grey iPhone 5S this afternoon at the New Haven Apple Store.

    According to the staff, all of the Verizon and AT&T iPhone 5S models were sold out.  I also got the impression that the 16GB iPhone 5S units for Sprint and T-Mobile were running close to empty also.  But, as it turns out, they still had “a few” 32GB Sprint units left, to which I happily forked over my $299, plus tax.  I also picked up a Product (RED) Apple leather case of my new iPhone 5S.

    The Apple Store was “super busy” this morning, but when I arrived at around 2:00pm today, the store was full of people, but it wasn’t a mob scene.

    While I was lucky to have gotten my iPhone, and rather late in the day I might add, not all of Apple’s fans where able to get their hands on the new white and ultra-rare gold iPhone 5S were difficult or damn near impossible to find.

    I took a few minutes to look at the new gold color iPhone 5S.  If you are looking to buy a gold iPhone, this photo might be as close as you can get for weeks yet.

    Regardless of what you plans were for iPhone 5S day, I hope it was a good one for you.

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    Apple iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Go On Sale Today

    Starting at 3:00am, 12:00am Pacific, this morning, Apple started online sales of the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S.  Apple Stores around the country open in just over 90 minutes to begin selling what I’m sure will be a blockbuster success for Apple.

    2013 will be remembered as the first year that Apple released two iPhones simultaneously.  The iPhone 5C is a redesigned iPhone 5 that includes a new polycarbonate colored shell similar to the iPod touch.  The iPhone 5S, sporting it’s new Touch ID sensor, M7 motion co-processor, and all new, 64-bit A7 processor is a mobile power house sporting the same processing power as the Macintosh.

    If you are looking for an iPhone 5C today, there is a good chance you will be able to find one in the color and capacity that you want.  The yellow iPhone 5C, however, might be a little more difficult to find as it appears to already be quantity constrained when ordered online.

    People looking for the new flagship iPhone 5S should start today off by planning on being disappointed today.  If the media is anywhere near accurate, we should be prepared for SKU stock outs very quickly today.  Demand for new iPhones is up this year, however, the new Touch ID sensor has been widely reported as bedeviling Apple’s manufacturing partners and the yield rate on iPhone 5S models is much lower then Apple would have liked.  Reports around the Internet are also stating that the white and gold iPhone 5S models are being produced in a 3:1 ratio to the black/space grey model, meaning that white iPhones 5S will be harder to find, and reports from around the world where iPhone 5S is already on sale are stating that the gold iPhone 5S is virtually impossible to find.

    So, what are we Apple fans suppose to do?  I’m preparing for not being able to get a new iPhone 5S today.  I’m going to attempt to go to a local Apple Store this afternoon when I get out of work.  Sure I’ll be taking a half day, but after being on sale for 5+ hours by the time I get there, I’m expecting stock outs on the 32GB space grey model.

    If you can’t stand not getting a new iPhone as soon as possible, or can’t get to an Apple Store this morning, you might want to just order the unit online at Apple.com.  Shipping times for 32GB units are still showing as 1-3 days.

    The iPhone 5S pricing starts at $199 for a 16GB model and goes up $100 successively for the 32GB and 64GB models.   The iPhone 5C pricing starts at $99 for the 16GB model and $199 for the 32GB model.  Apple is also keeping the iPhone 4S around in an 8GB model for free when you sign a 2-year contract with your wireless carrier.  Starting today, all four major US wireless carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will begin selling the new iPhones.

    The iPhone 5 models released last year have entered retirement today, and have been replaced by the iPhone 5C in Apple’s three tier features model.

    All three iPhone models will run Apple’s iOS 7.

    Whatever you end up doing, I hope you are able to find the iPhone you are looking for today, if not very soon.

    Happy iPhone Day!

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    Apple Posts iOS 7.0 and iTunes 11.1 Updates

    A short while ago, Apple posted the General Availability, or “GA”, versions of iOS 7.0 and iTunes 11.1.

    Before upgrading, we encourage you to read our Getting Ready for iOS 7 guide.

    You can download iOS 7.0 to your iDevices by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update and clicking the “Download & Install” button.  The 768MB installer package will download and install.  The download times will vary depending on the speed of your device’s Internet connection.

    You can also download the latest release of iTunes, version 11.1, from the Mac App Store, Apple Software Update on Windows PCs, or from the Apple iTunes website.

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    Getting Ready for iOS 7

    Happy iOS 7 Day!

    Later today, Apple will be releasing iOS 7 to everyone.  Here’s a list of things you need to know and do to get ready for today’s upgrade.

    1. iOS 7 is a major user interface/user experience overhaul.  While much of iOS will work the same as it always has, all of the graphical elements of the OS have been changed.  Your iDevice will look different after this upgrade.

    2. Update and upgrade your apps before upgrading to iOS 7.  This step is important to ensure the best experience with iOS 7 and software compatibility.

    2a. Upgrade to the latest release of iTunes for Mac OS X or Windows either by using the Mac App Store, the Apple Software Update control panel on Windows PCs, or using the download link on the Apple iTunes page.

    2b. Upgrade your iOS apps.

    Over the past month there has been a steady stream (read: a monsoon-like flood) of app updates from both Apple and third-party developers.  These updates range from minor compatibly updates to major application upgrades to take advantage of the many new features in iOS 7.  Install all of your iOS app updates to get the best possible experience today.  Also, keep in mind that some third-party application developers will be releasing their iOS 7 compatible software as a completely new application, which, will require you to repurchase the software title.  This may not seem fair after we have gotten use to free software upgrades.  App developers need to eat too and they have been working hard to make the best possible application for us.  Repurchasing their great software is a small price to pay.

    3. Backup your iDevice BEFORE you upgrade.

    I can’t stress this point enough.  Luck favors the prepared and it is in your best interest to do this step before downloading and installing iOS 7 on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you rely on everyday.  The last time I upgraded my everyday iPhone to a new version of iOS without backing up first was the first time that the upgrade failed and I had to hard reset my phone.  Luckily, I only lost a few unimportant text messages, but it could have been worse.

    3a. The easiest way to back up your iDevice if you are on a good Wi-Fi network is to use the iCloud backup feature.  Navigate to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and tap the “Back Up Now” button.

    3b. If you prefer to backup to iTunes on your local Mac or PC, then launch iTunes and then connect your iDevice via the provided charge and sync cable.  Your iOS device will be automatically backed up.

    4. Plugin and charge your iDevice before starting the upgrade.  If possible, leave the charging cable connected for the entire duration of the upgrade process.

    5. Upgrade your iOS device to iOS 7.

    5a. The easiest way to upgrade to iOS 7 is to use the over-the-air, or OTA, method.  Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.  When your device is ready to upgrade, you will see the upgrade now message.

    5b. Again, if you are a “I want to use iTunes” person, make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of iTunes before starting.  Then connect your iDevice to your Mac or PC via the provided charge and sync cable.  You will be prompted to upgrade to iOS 7.  After the upgrade package downloads, the upgrade process on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch will begin.

    Important Things to Keep in Mind

    The iOS 7 upgrade process is one way! You will not be able to (easily) downgrade back to iOS 6.  If you aren’t sure you are ready of the new look and feel of iOS 7 it is probably a good idea to wait until you can get down to an Apple Store and play with a demo unit with iOS 7 on it first.

    iOS 7.0 is a major redesign of iOS 7.  While there has been a rigorous beta test period where Apple and third-party developers have been testing and resolving bugs in the system there will still be problems here and there.  If you are the type who doesn’t like “adventure” while using your iDevice will probably want to wait a few weeks for iOS 7.01. and 7.0.2 to be released.  Apple is already testing those maintenance updates to iOS 7.  I expect them to be released over the next 2-4 weeks, leading into the iPad event rumored to be October 15, which is when I expect Apple to release iOS 7.1.

    If you are installing iOS 7 on an iPhone or iPad that has been issued to you by your company’s IT department, you will want to hold off upgrading until they have had a chance to test the new software with the existing software and back end servers to ensure that you have a good experience.

    I hope you found this guide helpful and enjoy iOS 7 later today!

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    “Low Cost” iPhone 5C

    Tomorrow, Apple is expected to unveil a pair of new iPhones: the high-end iPhone 5S and it’s low cost sibling, the iPhone 5C.

    While many have been excited about the prospect of a low cost iPhone, I wouldn’t get to excited just yet.  We might be better off thinking about the iPhone 5C as a “lower cost” iPhone.

    If a new post by AllThingsD’s John Paczkowski is correct, anyone expecting a $300 iPhone is going to be disappointed.

    “Analysts expect Apple to price the so-called iPhone C somewhere between $400 and $500, potentially establishing a new mainstream price band between the smartphone market’s high end and its low end.”

    Backing those claims is Katy Huberty who last month published a note to investors indicating that Chinese customers, a very important market segment for Apple, find a $486 dollar iPhone to be “acceptable”.

    Apple will hold their fall media event tomorrow, Tuesday, September 10, at 10am Pacific/1pm Eastern.

    [Via AllThingsD.com…]

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    Microsoft to Acquire Nokia Mobile Business

    Early this morning, the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft will acquire Nokia’s mobile business in a transaction expected to cost $7 billon dollars.

    “The companies said late Monday that Microsoft will pay €3.79 billion to buy “substantially all” of the Nokia business, which includes its smartphone operations. The Redmond, Wash., company will also pay €1.65 billion to license Nokia’s patents, the companies said, bringing the deal to €5.44 billion, or $7.18 billion.”

    The deal ends months of rumors that Microsoft would buy Nokia.  As part of the deal, Microsoft will license Nokia’s patents and will hire the 32,000 current Nokia employees, which also includes Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, a former Microsoft executive.

    The deal comes at a time when Microsoft is falling behind handset rivals Samsung and Apple.  Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has stated that as part of his company’s major restructuring, he is attempting to turn Microsoft into a “devices and services” company.  Acquiring Nokia is expected to give Microsoft a much needed jump start in the mobile phone market.

    Making the deal a successful will be difficult.  Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 software, which is the exclusive operating system software on all of Nokia’s smartphones, has not been the success that Microsoft or Nokia had been hoping for with a US marketshare of about 3-4%.

    You can read the full press release on Microsoft’s website.

    [Via WSJ.com…]