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    SplashNotes for iPhone/iPod touch Review

    SplashData SplashNotes is an outlining tool that helps you capture your ideas and transform them into bite size actionable tasks that, when put all together, produces a completed project or product. The SplashNotes manual describes this process as having four discrete phases: brainstorming, organizing, analyzing, and finishing. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. The SplashNotes user guide gives you good examples for all of the phases of idea and task organization.

    When you launch the application, you start by using one of the predefined outlines or by creating one of your own. Think of an outline as the thing that will hold all of your tasks in a neat little container. I find it much easier if I create some general outlines and then start grouping ideas and tasks into the outline that best describes what it is I’m trying to capture. Since I use my iPod touch at home as well as work, I have outlines called Home and Work. For larger work projects, I create a new, separate outline just for that project.

    Once you have a few outlines going, it is easy to move them around simply by tapping the Edit button that lives in the top left of the screen. When you tap the Edit button you get the familiar controls for deleting and moving list items. If you tap on an outline while in Edit mode, the Outline Info page appears. Here you can change the settings specific to that particular outline. For example, you can chose to have your items show up as a simple bullet list or a bullet lists with check boxes. There are two views when you have the check box view turned on. You can choose to have checked off items remain in your list (a good positive motivator) or choose to have finished items cleared from the list, allowing you to focus on the remaining items that you need to focus on. The Outline Info page is also where you can select from a number of preinstalled icons that will appear to in the main outline list view. The icon selection is large and the icons themselves are well drawn, meaning that there should be an icon that fits your needs and makes that application easy to look at while you work.

    I found the controls for managing the tasks in my outlines to be easy to use and intuitive. When you are ready to add a new list item, simply tap the plus icon at the top of the screen and start typing. To create a new list item after you have started typing, just press the return key on the on-screen keyboard and keep typing. There are also on-screen controls for moving the current line item up and down the list as well as in and out denting. When you indent a task, the item above it becomes the parent and a list expand/collapse triangle appears to the left of the parent. There are also control buttons for deleting the current task and closing the on screen keyboard when you are done typing.

    SplashData has built-in a nice quick start guide into their application. For new users, I strongly suggest reading the full user guide on your desktop computer. The full documentation delves into how to get the most from the software. If you are already familiar with outline tools, then the on-device quick start guide gives you all the important details for using SplashNotes right away. I have also found the quick start guide to be an efficient way to review the features of the software when I’m using SplashNotes on my iPod touch.

    If you want even more control over your outlines, SplashData has two other tools for you. Mac OS X and Windows users can purchase the optional SplashNotes iPhone Desktop software. With iPhone Desktop, you can sync your iPhone or iPod touch with your Mac or Windows PC over Wi-Fi if both devices are on the same local area network (LAN). Once you have installed the software on your computer, syncing data is easy. Just open iPhone Desktop as the foreground application and then tap the Sync button on your iPhone/iPod touch. The data from your device will instantaneously synchronize between the two devices. I like the Wi-Fi sync feature because my iPod and MacBook where quick to sync the data and I wasn’t required to carry an iPod sync cable with me everywhere I went.

    Affectionatos of David Allen’s Getting Things Done will be happy to learn that SplashNotes comes bundled with a pre-configured GTD outline. I have used Allen’s processing workflow diagram for a few years and SplashNotes was very easy tool to integrate into my process for capturing and managing my “stuff.”

    The one thing that I didn’t line about SplashNotes really had nothing to do with the program at all. I really prefer a physical keyboard over the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. I dislike the on screen keyboard so much that I go out of my way to avoid using it. I would have been more open to doing more data entry on my iPod if I could use SplashNotes in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. Hopefully, Apple is suppose to be building in better support for portrait and landscape modes for more applications in their iPhone OS 3.0 software update, which is due out later this year.

    I would have also liked it if there was a way to purchase a SplashNotes application bundle which includes the iPhone/iPod touch application along with my choice of SplashNotes iPhone Desktop for Mac OS X or Windows. Again, this seems to be a limitation of Apple’s App Store software resulting in the need for two purchases: once for the iPhone/iPod software and then another for the desktop application from the SplashData website.

    All in all, I found SplashNotes to be an intuitive tool that I was able to quickly adopt into my daily workflow. During my second week of evaluating the software, SplashNotes really allowed me to keep track of tasks during a very busy week of project deadlines, follow up action items from my various meetings, and making sure I made all of the week’s softball practice pickups and drop offs. SplashNotes is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be in complete control of all their ideas and action items.

    SplashNotes for the iPhone and iPod touch is available now for $4.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store. The optional SplashNotes iPhone Desktop, which also works with the first and second generation iPod touch, can be purchased from SplashData’s online web store for $9.95.

    For more information about SplashNotes Outliner, visit the SplashData website.

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    HanDBase Mac OS X Conduit Available

    DDH Software has done it’s Mac users a solid by releasing a desktop sync conduit for their HanDBase software for iPhone/iPod touch users yesterday. The iPhone has been grabbing headlines since before it was officially announced. I’m glad to see more devleopers supporting the platform that has made all of this possible: Mac OS X.

    DDH Software has announced availability of its Mac OS X conduit for syncing HanDBase databases stored on iPhone and iPod touch devices. HanDBase, a popular relational database for many types of mobile devices, was released last fall in the Apple iTunes App Store, and many users asked for a way to automatically synchronize their databases with their Macs. The new HanDBase Plus add-on package now affords them with this capability.

    “We have had the Windows version of the conduit package available since the launch of HanDBase for iPhone in October,” says Dave Haupert, President of DDH Software. “It’s been a very popular add-on, but it was always our intention to also release a Mac version of the conduit as soon as we could. As a Mac user myself, I’m thrilled to be able to offer this product as we also announce our intentions to further enhance our Mac Desktop version of HanDBase throughout the coming year.”

    Along with the HanDBase Plus add-on for Macs, DDH Software is also announcing availability of a new version of its Mac Desktop application, the first of several major updates due this year, designed to incrementally add more editing features and functionality to the desktop companion product. In addition, the HanDBase for iPhone product has been updated with a new View and Edit Record screen layout, and improvements to its user interface.

    HanDBase for iPhone is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for US $9.99. The new HanDBase Plus for iPhone add-on package is now available at DDHSoftware.com with an introductory price of US $14.99.

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    SplashPhoto, SplashNotes Released for iPhone, iPod touch

    SplashData, Inc, a leading provider of productivity software for smartphones, today announced its SplashPhoto and SplashNotes applications are available on the Apple App Store. SplashPhoto is a mobile photo album manager and SplashNotes is a note-taking and outlining application. Both work on iPod touch and iPhone and both offer wireless synchronization with Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications that are available separately.

    “The innovative features of iPhone and iPod touch, like the Multi-Touch user interface and amazing display, have allowed us to create really practical apps that will be helpful to a wide range of users,” said Morgan Slain, SplashData’s CEO. “We think SplashPhoto and SplashNotes are going to enable great communication and collaboration and we look forward to continuing to create mobile apps that make a difference.”

    SplashPhoto offers iPhone and iPod touch users a fast, easy-to-use photo organizer with two-way sync to a free PC or Mac OS X desktop version. This unique desktop application enables users to organize image collections into personalized categories and, upon synchronization, the images are arranged accordingly on the iPhone or iPod touch. There is no limit to the number of categories that users can create. SplashPhoto will also upload to, and download from, Flickr and Picasa collections, and photos taken with the iPhone are automatically geo-tagged so they can be mapped on Flickr and Picasa.

    SplashNotes is a powerful notetaking and outlining application that syncs directly with companion Mac or Windows software which enables users to enter their outlines on a desktop computer and then synchronize the notes with the iPhone or iPod touch to take with them wherever they go. SplashNotes gives users the ability to create outlines of any size and complexity, attach notes and photos for quick recall, and display lists with checkboxes to turn outlines into task lists.

    SplashPhoto and SplashNotes are available for $4.99 each from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore.

    The desktop version of SplashNotes is available at SplashData.com for $9.95. The free SplashPhoto Desktop software is also available at splashdata.com.

    I have been using SplashNotes on my iPod touch and syncing it with my MacBook for about two weeks now and I’ve really come to enjoy using the software on my iPod, Mac OS X, and Windows notebooks. People who are looking for a good task management tool are going to get a lot of value out of SplashNotes.

    Look for my review of SplashNotes over the next few days.

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    Palm’s Pre Gets Handled by Angelina Jolie

    Dieter Bohn over at PreCentral.net is reporting that Angelina Jolie has been spending some “quality time” with Palm’s upcoming smart(er)phone, the Pre.

    “Being a Palm Pre blogger is tough, yo. One minute a tipster has you headed to your local shop to check out the latest Playboy for an article about the Pre, the next you’re hunting down pictures of Angelina Jolie. These are but some of the services we provide [at PreCentral.net].”

    Read the full article over at PreCentral.net

    (Mr. Bohn states that the photo has been altered to add the Palm Pre.)

    This article reminds me of another celeb showing off her new Palm.

    (Claudia Schiffer and the Palm Vx special edition. This photo hasn’t been altered.)

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    1SRC Podcast 208

    The latest 1SRC Podcast has been posted for your listening enjoyment.

    This week, on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover:

    • MotionApps updates their Classic FAQ; reveals more details.
    • Ludle.net leaks some new Pre details; says Pre is in mass production.
    • Will Palm charge $70 for the totally cool Touchstone? Probably.
    • Windows Mobile Minute: My impressions of Palm’s new Treo Pro (Sprint Edition)

    Download 1SRC Podcast 208 enhanced edition
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    Discuss 1SRC Podcast 208

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    Palm webOS Video Gallery

    Clemens Schuchert, the editor of PUGcast the Blog, has assembled a large collection of YouTube videos of the many various Palm Pre and webOS videos that have been posted to the service.

    The videos, which cover the Pre, webOS, and MotionApps Classic, have been assembled from a variety of sources including Palm’s 2009 CES unveiling of the Pre and webOS, media interviews with Palm and Elevation Partners, and MotionApps.

    Can’t get enough of the Pre and webOS? Make sure you checkout PUGcast the Blog.

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    Palm Treo Pro Is On the Way

    I have received word that Palm has shipped out a Sprint edition Treo Pro to me to take out for a test drive. Stay tuned for a review in the near future. I’m looking forward to playing with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional that has the brand spankin’ new Pocket Internet Explorer 6.1 baked in.

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    Unlocked Palm Centro Now $199

    Palm, in an emailed newsletter, has announced that customers of Palm’s online store and pick up an unlocked Centro for a cool $199. Palm sells the unlocked Centro in three colors: Ruby Red, Glacier White, and my favorite, Cobalt Blue.

    The Centro is a full-featured smartphone that brings the well respected ease of use of the Palm OS to a respectable price point without having to sign a 2-year contract or extension with AT&T or T-Mobile.

    To start shopping for your new Centro, visit the Palm online store.

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    Briefly Noted: iPhone Apps, Smartphone OCD

    This is just a quick note to talk about what is on my mind right now.

    iPhone and iPod touch Software
    I just downloaded three interesting applications form the Apple iTunes App Store: SplashNotes Outliner (link), WootWatch (link), and Cellfire Mobile Coupons (link). I’ll let you know which ones stay on my iPod touch and which ones get the bit bucket after I’ve had some time to play with them.

    More Smartphones
    Many of my readers know I suffer from smartphone OCD. It has been about five months since I purchased my BlackBerry Curve. I’m starting to get that itch to smartphone again. This time I’m looking at the Palm Treo Pro (Sprint edition) or the T-Mobile G1. I like the looks of the Treo Pro body design, 320×320 display, and built in Wi-Fi. But…I haven’t had a chance to play with the G1 yet. And let’s not forget that DataViz Documents To Go is now available for Android phones, whcih includes the G1.