2009 Will Be Apple’s Last Appearance At MacWorld Expo

It looks like 2009 will be Apple’s last appearance at the MacWorld Expo trade show.

For those not familiar with the MacWorld shows, they are not run by Apple. The shows are actually put on by the publisher of the MacWorld magazine.

Steve Jobs has always been a my way or the highway kind of guy, so I can see why the company has chosen to leave the show after the January 2009 event. Trade shows and magazines have become marginalized in the last few years. If you have been to a trade show or a user conference in the past, you understand the great educational and networking opportunities that can be had from such events.

As you might expect, the Mac magazine has a few articles posted on their website on the topic. I’ll save you the time, the three articles are:

You can read the full Apple press release on the Apple website.