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    The Price of Technology

    While doing a little “fall cleaning” in my home office I happened across an old receipt for a SanDisk SD card from January 2004. I was really excited to have all of this extra storage space for my trusty Palm handheld.

    Oh, think of all the wonderful things that I was able to store on that card: Pictures, a handful of my favorite .mp3 files, Office documents, and articles clipped from the web for offline reading thanks to iSilo. Those were the days.

    It is funny how our perception of technology changes over time. Back then that 256MB SD card cost me $74.95. Today, for less than half of what it cost me to purchase a 256MB card in 2004 I can now buy a 4GB microSD card for my Palm Treo 750. Just imagine what $15 will buy in 2012 and what we will be doing with all of that space on our mobile computers.

    Ah, technology.

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    Resco View On Sale Until Sept 7

    Resco Viewew is now on sale until September 7, 2008. Resco Viewer, available for Palm OS, Windows Mobile Power PC, and Windows Mobile Smartphone edition is the mobile photo application.

    “Resco Photo Viewer is optimized for browsing albums and folders with numerous images. The split mode allows easy browsing of your image folders with instant preview. Resco Viewer offers several thumbnail modes and common image operations such as copy/move, rename, delete, reorder, send via email/IrDA/Bluetooth. All of this can be done in the multi-selection mode. “

    “Despite the word “Viewer” in its name, Resco Photo Viewer contains several image editing features as well. After entering the Edit mode, the application offers the possibility to crop the image area and change the image resolution. Moreover it is possible to adjust the contrast, brightness and gamma correction. Once the image is ready, it can be saved in one of 3 common image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP). “

    Use the following coupon codes to receive $10 off your purcahase of Resco Viewer when purchased at the Resco online store.

    Palm OS:
    Resco Viewer for Palm OS (ID 156)
    Coupon name ViewerTamsPalm

    Resco Photo Viewer 2007 Standard Edition
    Coupon name ViewerTamsPPC

    Resco Photo Viewer for Smartphone
    Coupon name ViewerTamsPPC

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    Documents To Go for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

    Today, DataViz, the company that has the best mobile office suite on the market, has released Documents To Go Premium 3.0 for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Edition.

    Unlike the previous Windows Mobile Standard/Smartphone edition designed for non-touchscreen devices, this new edition has been specially formulated for Windows Mobile devices that use a touchscreen. In other words, you can now run Documents To Go on your Treo 700wx, 750, or 800w. Documents To Go for Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices also works with other popular smartphones like the HTC Touch and Touch Diamond, and the AT&T Tilt, or other devices running Windows Mobile 5 or 6.

    According to the DataViz press release issued earlier today, Documents To Go for Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition will allow “users to view, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (Windows: Office 97 – 2007, Mac: Office 98-2008) as well as view PDF files on their devices and in their native formats.”

    “We are excited to expand our product line to include Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices,” said Danny Tu, Product Manager, DataViz, Inc. “Our latest release is an answer to our many customer requests to develop for this platform.”

    Documents To Go Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition is available for purchase now for $29.95 directly from the DataViz website. Volume license are available when purchasing for 5 or more users.

    For more information about Documents To Go, including the new Windows Mobile Pocket PC edition, visit the DataViz website.

    I am really excited about learning that DataViz has released this edition of Documents To Go for Windows Mobile. I have been using Documents To Go on my Palm OS devices since version 2.0. When I had an opportunity to interview Mr. Tu for the 1SRC Palm-Powered Podcast I recall specifically asking for this edition of Documents To Go. Now that I carry a Treo 750 in addition to my Treo 755p, I’m looking forward to using Documents To Go with it’s built-in InTact conversion engine to ensure I can stay every bit as productive out of the office as I am in.

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    Rumor: CDMA Treo Pro on the Way

    The China Economic News Service is running a story on their website reporting that Palm could be preparing to place an order with HTC for a CDMA version of the Treo Pro.

    “Furthermore, Palm is planning to launch CDMA (code division multiple access) version of Treo Pro series phone in the future for CDMA telecom service providers, like Verizon, Wireless and Sprint. The phone will also be supplied by HTC. “

    There is no word on when Palm may be ready to place the order, or whether or not the order has already been placed.

    Keep things in perspective

    Many readers know that I tend to get a little “Fanatic” about Palm OS II/Nova and the Foleo. Before this rumor gets too out of hand, we should note that the recently announced unlocked Treo Pro is a Windows Mobile device. With Palm OS II reportedly not scheduled to be released before the middle of 2009, any CDMA Treo Pro is likely to also be running Windows Mobile 6.1.

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    Handango Secret Sale

    Handango is quietly running a “secret sale” between now and the end of the day on August 26, 2008 at 11:59pm.

    Use coupon code “SECRET20” while checking out at the Handango.com online store to receive a discount on your order. Handango sells mobile software for platforms like Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and even Symbian OS, Linux, and Sony’s PSP.

    You can start shopping here

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    Palm Officially Announces the Treo Pro

    Palm has announced the highly rumored Treo Pro Windows Mobile 6.1 super sexy smartphone earlier today.

    In their press release, Palm writes:

    “Palm, today introduced Treo(TM) Pro, an effortlessly usable smartphone for businesses that want to simplify their IT infrastructures and lower costs, and for users who want to stay on top of their professional and personal lives. With its streamlined design and Palm(R) shortcuts layered on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Treo Pro is a unique combination of sleek simplicity and robust productivity — including email, Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities(1) — that meets the needs of businesses and end users alike. Treo Pro, which will be available from Vodafone and O2 in Europe(2) and from Telstra in Australia, also will be available in an unlocked version in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific.”

    “Businesses want the control and savings that Windows Mobile affords, in an innovative and elegant package that keeps their users happy. That’s where Palm comes in,” said Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer, Palm, Inc. “Everything about Treo Pro — from the hardware design to the packaging and accessories — embodies the elegant and simplified end-to-end experience that our customers expect from Palm.”

    “I’m really happy with Treo Pro — it’s a technology leap from a device design and capability standpoint, enhancing Palm’s presence in the Windows Mobile realm,” said Wasif Malik, senior systems consultant, Student Educational Services & Mobile Solutions, Ohio State University Medical Center. “It’s cleverly designed for Windows Mobile, with a large touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all the productivity applications for Windows Mobile 6 in a much thinner design.”

    Read the full Palm press release

    The Palm Treo Pro, in what I consider a surprise move, is being announced with out a launch wireless carrier partner and is being released in the coming days as an unlocked phone.

    The specs page on the Palm website also confirmes the leaked information that has flooded the Internet over the past few days.

    For full details, and the registration page to be notified when the Treo Pro begins shipping, visit the Palm website.

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    Coming Soon: The Palm Treo Pro

    I have posted this week’s 1SRC.com Editorial, Coming Soon: The Palm Treo Pro.

    The Palm Treo Pro: Coming Soon

    Two months ago, Palm President and CEO Ed Colligan told us that Palm would be delivering new smartphones offering “major advancements” built on the Windows Mobile platform. The new Treo 800w on the Sprint network and recently leaked images and details for unannounced Treo Pro/850/Drucker show that Palm is serious about delivering on the promises made back in June.

    Making Good on Promises

    Palm has been talking about returning to a leadership position in the mobile computing arena by focusing on people, design, and platform. With Elevation Partners help, Palm has addressed “People.” We know that Palm is addressing “Platform” with the continuing development of the Palm OS II/Nova operating system. That leaves “Design” and if the recent Treo 800w and leaked images of the Treo Pro/850 are any indication, Palm has figured out how to make devices that work well, and look great while they are doing it.

    WMExperts, PalmInfoCenter (here, here, and here), and Brighthand have posted several good articles that provide product details and clear pictures of the unannounced addition to the Treo product family. What I find encouraging about the Treo Pro rumors is that Palm is poised to provide an elegant looking phone with a robust operating system that enables them to deliver value added features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and the usual Palm refinements that making using their hardware a delight.

    Corporate customers and Windows Mobile power user will have plenty to be happy about with the Treo Pro. Included in this device are a number of nice features including a flush with the body, 320×320 touch screen display and integrated Wi-Fi and GPS radios. According to the rumors, the Treo Pro will also have lots of memory (about 100MB each for application and storage space), a peppy 400MHz processor, a 1500mAh removable battery, and a 3.5mm headphone/headset jack. BlackBerry who?

    The recent digital flood of “leaked” Palm Treo Pro information can only be seen as a back door product announcement and leads me to believe that the official release of the new smartphone is imminent. I would be surprised if the Treo Pro doesn’t go on sale in Europe on Vodafone in the next four weeks. The photos and videos that have surfaced on the Internet clearly show a production-grade device. If that prediction turns out to be true, customers in the United States should expect the Treo Pro/850 to arrive on AT&T before February 2009.

    What’s In a Name?

    Another thing to consider about the new Windows Mobile Treo is the name; the Palm Treo Pro. The Centro is clearly the entry level, consumer-oriented smartphone. The Treo Pro, as the name suggests, stands poised to take over as the corporate flagship smartphone from Palm. But I have to wonder what else Palm has planned for their smartphone line up.

    Palm has segregated their smartphones into two clear lines: Palm OS for non-business customers and Windows Mobile for corporate customers. Will Palm further segment their Windows Mobile phone business? The Treo Pro will become the new corporate smartphone. Is Palm’s intent to make the Palm Treo 500v, or similarly styled device, an entry-level device, and what would Palm position as a mid-range candidate for the Windows Mobile platform? Should we expect two see five smartphones in Palm’s 2009 line up? The Centro and a Palm OS II/Nova would hold down the entry-level and consumer mid-range device market. On the Windows side, the Treo 500v would be the value smartphone, a less expensive and feature-laden edition of the Treo 800w/Pro for the mid-market, and the Treo Pro for the high-end enterprise customer.

    In Conclusion

    Fans and enterprise customers should be very happy with Palm’s new high-end feature phones. The yet to officially be announced Treo Pro is a great looking device that incorporates features that have long been absent from Palm’s smartphone line up. The recent appearance of high-quality photos and video of the Pro indicate that that the device will likely be announced and go on sale in the not too distant future on Vodafone’s wireless network.

    [Via 1SRC.com…]

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    PalmInfoCenter – More Treo Pro Photos Surface

    Ryan Kairer over at PalmInfoCenter has posted a new article containing additional Palm Treo Pro photos from Chinese Treo enthusiast website treo.net.cn.

    The latest photos to surface are of a test unit as some of the photos have a little blue Photoshoped line (see above) to cover up the test unit’s number. While impossible to know for sure, the photos of the Treo Pro have what appears to be a digital camera watermark of a time stamp that reads “14 12:47pm” on them. At the very least, this suggests that the photos were taken yesterday, on 8/14/08.

    More details over at PalmInfoCenter

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    Palm Treo Pro Makes A Cameo Appearance

    Yesterday pictures of what appears to be a new Windows Mobile Treo appeared briefly on the Palm website. WMExperts forum member “scottymomo” discovered the Treo Pro, which bears a striking resemblance to the rumored Treo 850, while visiting the Palm Self-Paced Learning site. References to the Treo Pro have already been removed from the site.

    If the Treo Pro is in fact the rumored Treo 850/Drucker that was leaked back in January, I think that many people will be pleased with Palm’s next Windows Mobile smartphone.

    To see the three screen grabs, including the uncropped version of the above photo, visit the WMExperts discussion forums. (Registration required)

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    Jeff Hawkins Talks About the Foleo

    Palm founder, Jeff Hawkins, spent some time talking about the Foleo with Patrick Seitz of Investor’s Business Daily.

    The Q&A with Hawkins was originally published as a sidebar to a larger article discussing the growing popularity of the “netbook”, a small form factor notebook computer designed to ultra portable providing easy access to the web, email, and writing. Palm chose to cancel the Foleo in September of 2007 to focus on rewriting the aging Palm OS mobile operating systems that powers many of the company’s most popular smartphones, including the consumer-oriented Centro.

    The following is an excerpt from the Investor’s Business Daily interview with Mr. Hawkins:

    “IBD: Why didn’t Palm have the confidence in Foleo to go forward?

    Hawkins: I don’t think that Palm didn’t have confidence in it. Palm has its issues and challenges. At the time, they were in the process of closing this major financing, restructuring deal with Elevation Partners.

    And as part of that deal, they brought in Jon Rubenstein, who’s a great guy. He was at Apple (AAPL) and did all the iPod stuff. He came in basically to take over product stuff, because I really hadn’t been running the product design center at Palm for several years. They came in with a particular strategy that they wanted to pursue at Palm, and that strategy didn’t have room for Foleo.

    It was clear Foleo had technical issues. It was a first-generation product. We’d have to launch it and then do another gen within a year. And that’s a big commitment of people and dollars.

    It was a strategic decision to pursue a different approach. I don’t think they made a mistake. We haven’t seen the outcome of that decision yet. It really was not acrimonious at all. It was just business.

    I’m a little disappointed, only because I loved the product concept. I’d really like to own one. And I’m a believer in it. And I’d love to end my design career at Palm with a success there.

    They may still come back to it. They haven’t totally written it off.

    IBD: So you didn’t get to keep a Foleo?

    Hawkins: Oh, I have one. Oh, yeah, I got to keep one. I have the beta release. The hardware is very reliable. It works great.”

    You can read the full Hawkins Q&A here.

    As many of my long time readers know, I was one of the few people who did get to play with a pre-production Foleo. It really was a great idea. At the end of the day, I didn’t care that it wasn’t running a Linux varient or Microsoft’s Windows XP. I wanted a light-weight device that looked great and offered long battery life with easy access to the web, email, and an office suite. (DataViz provided a Foleo specific version of their award-winning Documents To Go application.)

    However, the Foleo, as originally designed, was not a stand along computer. It needed to be tethered to a Palm OS or Windows Mobile smartphone and, as discussed in the article, the Wind River Linux operating system and core applications were not ready to go live. I’m looking forward to 2009 when Pam OS II/Nova smartphones are shipping because if Palm does decided to do a new Foleo, the Nova opertaing system will likely be the foundation for such a device.

    Read the full Investor’s Business Daily interview