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    Rumor: Pink Centro Coming in January

    An anonymous reader has posted here on Foleo Fanatics that the pink Centro will be coming to Sprint on January 13, 2008. The anonymous poster writes:

    “I work for Sprint and I have the exact date!!
    Its coming out!!



    Now with all rumors, you need to take them with a grain of salt. It is possible that this rumor may not be true. However a Pink Centro leading up to Valentine’s Day is just the sort gimmick that gets people to buy phones. I also expect Sprint’s exclusive on the Centro to end around that date. As I have said on my 1SRC.com podcast, I believe that there needs to be a pink smartphone from Palm. So is this true? I guess we won’t know until the month before Valentine’s Day.

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    Verizon Treo 755p “Coming Soon”

    It looks like the Palm Treo 755p is coming to Verizon and will be green, as previously rumored here on FoleoFanatics.

    Verizon has posted a “Coming Soon” label for the Treo 755p on their business-to-business PDA smartphone page. Customers who wish to be notified when the Treo 755p has become available can visit the Treo 755p details page and sign up to be notified via email.

    There is no word on when this device will begin shipping to business customers or when it will be generally available to non-corporate customers.

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    Foleo Rants

    Listeners of my weekly 1SRC.com podcast know that I prefer to take a measured approach to covering what’s going on in the Palm community. However in the last few weeks there have been reports of Palm’s Foleo being used. Allow me to recap for you.

    Back in New York at the DigitalLife conference where Palm announced the new Centro consumer-oriented smartphone, Palm CEO Ed Colligan was asked a question about what was happening with the Foleo after it was disclosed that it was going to be canceled in an on camera interview. Mr. Colligan said that the company could possibly release a Foleo-like device in the future and that he still uses his all the time.

    Similarly at the JP Morgan Small/Mid Cap conference that was held in Boston, Massachusetts, Palm CFO Andy Brown indicated that he has been using the new Palm Centro for the last two months and that it works great with his Foleo.

    Last week blog GearDiary.com published photos of the Foleo in action, including photos of the configuration page, file manager, and the Opera web browser. In one of the web browser photos it is clearly visible that the date on the article was November 14, 2007.

    Three separate instances of the Foleo in action after it was canceled. Foleo Fanatics can get their rant on with the following two segments from 1SRC.com podcasts 154 and 156.

    Just for the record, I do agree with all the business reasons that Palm sited for not doing the Foleo right now. The decision to focus on Palm OS II and then later using the new Linux-based operating system in both the Treo smartphone and any future Foleo or Foleo-like device has some really appealing synergies that I’m interested in seeing in action; such as portable applications (between Treo and Foleo devices), file browsing across devices, and the ability for the Foleo to operate as an independent low-cost (read: sub-$400) computing platform for mobile business professionals, educators and students, and busy individuals.

    For more news, analysis, reviews, and commentary on the Palm community, check out my weekly 1SRC.com Palm Powered podcast. You can subscribe to the show with your podcast catcher of choice with the 1SRC.com Podcast RSS feed.

    Foleo Rant 1 from 1SRC.com Podcast 154 (11/9/07)…
    Foleo Rant 2 from 1SRC.com Podcast 156 (11/21/07)…

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    Editorial: Sideling for Success

    I have posted this week’s 1SRC editoral, Sidelining for Success.

    In an editorial last week Brighthand Editor-in-Chief Ed Hardy wrote that Palm will not be releasing a Palm TX2 handheld, or any other PDAs, anytime soon. I know that customers who prefer having a stand alone device won’t be happy about this news. Taking a longer view of what this development means, I feel, gives you a better idea of what is going on at Palm and why there won’t be a TX2 coming in 2008.

    The Palm TX2 isn’t the first device that we have learned won’t be shipping. Earlier this year, the Palm Foleo was announced (May, 2007) and then later canceled (September, 2007). The rumored Treo 770, which included a leaked, marked up user guide, also never materialized this year. If here is demand for these devices, and I really do believe that the Foleo answers a need for mobile professionals, why aren’t they making it to market?

    There are two reasons why I believe that these devices are being taken off the drawing board and being put on the shelf. The first is that Palm’s management team has had a dickens of a time executing on their long-term goals to deliver products. Palm executives have already admitted that the company has had trouble with execution. The second is that there are some new corporate owners in town and they are reprioritizing Palm’s internal product roadmap.

    I was listening to the Business Week Cover Stories podcast, specifically a show called “Perform or Perish” with John Byrne and Emily Thornton. The two talked about an article that appeared in a late October print issue of Business Week in which the magazine took a look at what happens to companies when they are taken over by private equity firms. The Business Week podcast caught my interest because Palm recently agreed to give up a 25% stake in the company to private equity firm Elevation Partners. The article focuses on the intense pressure put on the CEO and management team to drive down operating costs and increase profitability. It is a high stress environment for sure; however, the rewards can be equally great.

    “So how does this all fit in with Palm?” you might be asking yourself. Palm’s greatest asset is their ability to differentiate their products from all of the other devices on the market with their software. The problem is that on the Palm OS side it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate due to the age of the underlying foundation of the operating system. How can they leverage their software, drive down costs, and increase profitability? I think we already have the answers.

    I suspect that the new management team at Palm has re-evaluated the internal product roadmap. Palm CEO Ed Colligan has stated that he had been working with Jon Rubinsein on a consulting basis prior to his joining Palm as the Executive Chairman of the Board at the close of the Palm/Elevation transaction. With the number of products that haven’t been released this year, three by my count, I suspect that any project that does not directly relate to the development of Palm OS II or the next generation Treo are being set aside for the time being. Make no mistake; Palm OS II is a high priority project for Palm and they need to deliver the new Linux OS on a redesigned Treo within the next year. Palm is looking to reduce costs by using a common hardware architecture that is expected to provide the company with the ability to leverage a lower bill or materials costs and accelerate the product delivery cycle. If Palm is able to execute on their plans to develop a new Palm OS, a redesigned Treo, and lower costs, the company can achieve the increased profitability I talked about earlier. With the distractions of non-essential products out of the way, Palm will be able to better focus on the items that are important to the company long term. And sometimes this means that products need to be canceled or postponed as was likely the case with the Foleo.

    In Conclusion

    Palm will have its work cut out for the 2008 calendar year. Investors, analysts, and customers will be watching the company to see if the new management team will be able to execute to drive to product delivery for early 2009. Palm isn’t a company without ideas; it is just one that needs help getting those ideas from the drawing board and into people’s hands. Palm has a long history in the mobile computing space and with the right resources in place; they can design easy to use products that help customers meet the needs of their personal and professional lives.

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    Windows Mobile 6 Treo 750 Coming Soon

    Palm has posted a new article on their company blog called “In the Queue – Windows Mobile 6 for AT&T Treo 750 Smartphones”.

    In the blog post, Palm indicated that the inside sales team has started taking orders from corporate customers who want the 750 running Windows Mobile 6 Professional and that an update for current AT&T/Cingular Treo 750 customers “is just around the corner.”

    Read the full article

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    More Foleo Photos from GearDiary

    The folks at GearDiary.com continue to remind us of the canceled Palm Foleo by posting more screen shots of the Foleo’s applications and operating system.

    I know that many of the readers of this site are true Foleo Fanatics and that seems to also be true of the folks over at Gear Diary. Looking at the photos, specifically the first screen shot of the web browser showing the Gear Diary website, you will see the article titled “Do You Tweet?”. I wanted to know how old this photo was, so I searched the site for the article, and I was surprised to see that the article “Do You Tweet?” was posted just a few days ago on November 14, 2007. Either these guys are really good at predicting the future or they have access to pre-production Foleo.

    And that leave me wondering, just where are they getting their fantastic toys?

    The Palm Foleo Interface via GearDiary.com

    [Thanks to my anonymous tipster who sent this in…]

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    Full Office 2007 Support Comes to Documents To Go

    Earlier today DataViz, the leading provider of mobile Office compatibility solutions, announced the availability of Documents To Go Premium Edition version 10.002 for Palm OS. The latest version of Documents To Go is the first and only Palm OS office suite to provide complete support for the new Microsoft Office 2007 file formats.

    Palm OS users will now be able to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 files directly on their smartphones and handheld devices. Customers who purchased Documents To Go 10.001 which added support to view Word and Excel 2007 files will be able to upgrade to version 10.002 at no additional cost. Customers who are using pervious versions of Documents To Go can upgrade to the latest version for $29.99.

    “For active smartphone and handheld users, there is nothing more frustrating than receiving a file, such as an Office 2007 document, they can’t open,” said Danny Tu product manager, DataViz, Inc. “The latest Documents To Go release enables our customers to effortlessly work with their important Word, Excel and PowerPoint Office 2007 files such as sales forecasts, business contracts and more without the worry of having an incompatible solution.”

    I have been a long time user of Documents To Go for Palm OS and I use it daily on my Treo 700p smartphone for both business and personal tasks. It is my professional opinion that anyone who needs to work with Microsoft Office documents on the go needs to have this software. Documents To Go has become an invaluable tool in my computer consulting business.

    For more information about Documents To Go 10, visit the DataViz website.

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    Palm and Handhelds: The Writing Is on the Wall

    Brighthand Editor-in-Chief, Ed Hardy, has posted an very interesting article called “Palm and Handhelds: The Writing Is on the Wall.” Mr. Hardy writes:

    “A few months ago, I wrote an editorial asking for peoples’ thoughts on what the next traditional handheld from Palm, Inc. ought to look like.

    At that time, I promised to write a followup editorial compiling everyone’s suggestions. I never did this, and I want to explain why: I am now convinced that Palm will never release another traditional handheld. Ever.”

    Keep reading

    While I have been a user and supporter of Palm’s handhelds for many years, I do agree with Mr. Hardy’s assessment. Palm has been very careful to communicate to their customer base that handhelds were becoming less and less of their business based on sales figures.

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    4-Day Sale Palm Treo 680 Unlocked GSM

    Palm is running a 4-day sale on the unlocked GSM Treo 680 from now until Sunday, November 25, 2007. The graphite Treo 680 can be purchased directly from the Palm online webstore for $379. (The Treo 680 without a service plan is typically $449.)

    The unlocked Treo 680 can operate on any GSM wireless carrier that offers voice and or data services. (You will need an existing SIM card or obtain one when you sign up for service.)

    For more information, including the technical specifications for the Treo 680, please visit the Palm website.