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Will Palm Get Its ‘Mojo’ Back with webOS and Pre?

RedmondDeveloper News has written an article on the growing grassroots support for Palm’s new mobile operating system, webOS.

“As smartphone developers await the release of devices based on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5, tinker with the recently released Google Android SDK, and pine over the one billionth iPhone app downloaded, a grassroots movement by some influential developers is pushing the adoption of an alternative mobile platform.

A burgeoning community of developers are investing time and resources on a device and platform they’ve barely seen from a company that was, until recently, written off for dead: Palm Inc. While many observers are skeptical that Palm can make a sizable dent in the mobile market, hundreds of developers are eagerly awaiting the release of the company’s new webOS and the Palm Pre mobile device.

These developers have signed up to participate in dev camps that are slated to take place on the first weekend after Palm releases webOS and Pre. These camps are being organized by the developers and are not under Palm’s purview, nor Sprint’s, the carrier designated to sell the device in the United States, according to the organizers.”

I believe that Palm doesn’t have to dominate the mobile phone market to make a fair amount of money. The mobile phone space is really big and it doesn’t have to be one vendor takes all. I also think that Palm really does have a solid foundation with Palm webOS and it can be the vehicle, together with some new hardware, to jump start the company and make it a major player in mobile computing again.

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