The Price of Technology

While doing a little “fall cleaning” in my home office I happened across an old receipt for a SanDisk SD card from January 2004. I was really excited to have all of this extra storage space for my trusty Palm handheld.

Oh, think of all the wonderful things that I was able to store on that card: Pictures, a handful of my favorite .mp3 files, Office documents, and articles clipped from the web for offline reading thanks to iSilo. Those were the days.

It is funny how our perception of technology changes over time. Back then that 256MB SD card cost me $74.95. Today, for less than half of what it cost me to purchase a 256MB card in 2004 I can now buy a 4GB microSD card for my Palm Treo 750. Just imagine what $15 will buy in 2012 and what we will be doing with all of that space on our mobile computers.

Ah, technology.