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Palm webOS Update 1.0.3

On Friday night, Palm launched webOS 1.0.3 as an over the air (OTA) update for their Pre smart(er)phone. To download and install Palm webOS 1.0.3, use the Updates application on the Pre.

webOS 1.0.3 does not install any new application on the Pre, but does address some of the issues that have cropped up during the Pre’s first full two weeks on the market. According to Palm, the webOS 1.0.3 update includes fixes for:

  • Power performance in areas where wireless coverage is sporadic or unavailable has been enhanced.
  • Non-SSL Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) mail servers are now supported.
  • Events created in Google calendar that contain a symbol or accented character in the event name can now synchronize.
  • Changes made to Google events on the phone now sync with Google online within a few minutes.
  • The sync interval for Google events has been decreased from every few hours to every 15 minutes.

This update will also change the Sprint configuration version from 1.4 to 1.5, however, there is no mention as to what this change intails. I have read some speculation on the Internet that this update changes how the cellular radio works. I have not seen any change in coverage or signal strength after the update was applied to my Pre.

You can read the complete list of webOS fixes address in the 1.0.3 update on the Palm website.