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Palm, Sprint Update the Centro

Looks like the Palm Centro for Sprint is about to get a holiday makeover. In a press release issued earlier today, Palm unveiled the Centro refreshes that were alluded to in the September quarterly conference call.

The two new additions to the Centro family, currently only available for Sprint, feature:

  • Two new colors; olive green and vibrant rose
  • Soft-touch paint; similar to that used on the Treo 750 and 755p
  • 128MB of user accessible memory; increased from 64MB
  • Facebook for Palm OS preinstalled
  • Google Maps with My Location support

The new Centro smartphones will begin to roll into select retail outlets on October 19, and will be come available at Sprint retail locations and online at Palm.com and Sprint.com starting on November 2.

Palm is also relasing a trio (not Treo) of Cento accessories to compliment the new phones in the way of a new leather slide case, leather flip case, and car charger.

According to Palm’s press release, the new smartphones will also have a new lower price when you agree to a 2-year contract, including a data plan that is $25 a month, and after a $100 mail-in rebate. When all is said and done, you can pick up a new Centro for $79.99; previously retailing at $99.99 at the Centro’s initial launch.

There is a lot of like about the new Centro smartphones. I’m glad to see that Palm is actively marketing multiple colors for their smartphones. I also like that face that Palm has returned to using the soft-touch paint as it one of my favorite features of my Treo 755p. But the best part about this pair of devices is that Palm is pushed past the 64MB mark. There have been plenty of time where I wished my Treo had 128MB on board.

For more details on the pair of new Centro smartphones, check out the Palm Centro website.