Palm, Sprint Beta Test Project

A Foleo Fanatics reader has tipped me off to a beta test opportunity from Palm and Sprint to test a new device/service of some kind. A TreoCentral form member posted the email they received. The email, in part, reads:

Palm is seeking people to test an innovative new product. This product is focused on seasoned business professionals. People who commute and spend a ton of time working on email and on the phone. This test is for people looking for cutting edge technology and demand constant communication.

Qualified candidates should work in an enterprise level business and have a lot of experience with varied technologies. These people should invest a significant amount of money in their technology and use it daily.

Required Qualifications
Sprint Subscriber
Bluetooth headphones or car kits
WiFi Router access

Optional Qualifications
Existing Smartphone Users
Heavy to Medium e-mail users
Heavy phone users
Travel for work with their phone

This appears to be an invitation only beta test. I do not know what the selection criteria is for the test, nor is there a link the Sprint website for signing up to participate in the test.

What is interesting to me is what could be under development. We know that Palm and Sprint are working on delivering the much rumored Treo 800w to enterprise customers later this year. We also know that Palm is still working on Palm OS II/Nova. We also know that Sprint is working to implement a Wi-Max solution. And lastly, some of these requirments sound very similar to the beta tester requirements from the Foleo private beta test. Now I’m not saying that Palm is secretly working on a Foleo-like device, so it is important to not read too much into that one.

[Thanks to the anonymous tipster who sent this in.]