Palm Reposts the Sprint Treo 700p Update

Yesterday afternoon, Palm posted an update to their company blog stating that the Treo 700p maintenance release (MR) update had been made available again on the Palm website.

Paul Loeffler writes for Palm:

The SD card updater has been reposted to the Palm site – installation details can be found here. We are working to resolve the installation issue with the desktop updater and will make it available as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Verizon Wireless users, we will make the 700p MR available as soon as we can.

It would seem that the problem is with the HotSync update method and not with the SD card install method. I’ve used the SD card method on a few Treo 700p devices now and all upgraded without a problem.

Verizon customers are still waiting for their update. This may not be a bad thing as I have experienced some annoying issues with my Treo since applying the MR update. While these issues, which include a dial tone bug, do not out weight the number of things that Palm has fixed with this update. I only hope that Verizon customers get the additional bug fixes that Sprint customers didn’t get.