Handling Sensitive Smartphone Data

Clemens Schuchert, executive producer and host of Germany’s PUGcast – Sync Your Ears, has written a new article on securing your smartphone.

“Data is sensitive, regardless whether it is personal or business related. You neither want anybody to know your bank transaction codes or PINs for the cellphone, credit card, etc. nor to know which customers you serve. Thus, data is sensitive and needs to be protected. Who of you really take care of data protection?

From my experience in all regards of enterprise security issues, I may say that the most important security feature is the user himself, which often is left out in a pretty well designed enterprise security stratgey. This is fatal because the user is vital part of the strategy!

There are severel protection levels, which make it quite secure to have all sensitive data on your smartphone.
In general, there are five protection levels:
(01) device based
(02) user based
(03) application based
(03) file based
(04) disk/card based (for expansion media)”

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