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Galaxy S4 “Premium” Finish

I was watching the Introducing Samsung Galaxy S4 video yesterday and I was wondering how a phone with a plastic body can have a ‘premium’ finish.  I didn’t have to wonder long or look too far to find my answer.


“The first time you pick up an iPhone, HTC (2498) One or even a Nokia (NOK) Lumia smartphone you will be impressed with the build quality. These are devices that actually feel like they’re worth the $600+ price tags. 

The Galaxy S 4, on the other hand, feels more like a toy than a high-end smartphone.

The device is incredibly light, weighing a mere 130 grams, but unlike the iPhone 5, which weighs in at 112 grams, Samsung’s latest smartphone feels as if it can be snapped in half, even more so than the Galaxy S III. Over the course of a two-year contract you better not let this smartphone fall out of your hand or else you will be in trouble.”

I’ll be sticking with my iPhone, thanks.  If you are planning on getting a Galaxy S4, you also better consider getting a protective case from Cygnett.