FCC Still Looking for Answers from Verizon Wireless

In the on-going back and forth over changes in the fees that Verizon Wireless charges their customers for ending their contracts before the 2-year maturation point, the FCC feels that the wireless carrier still has some explaining do to.

During the CES show, that wraps up today in Las Vegas, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski says that he is still looking for more details.

Sinead Carew, a reporter for Reutuers, writes:

“I thought that response raised more questions than it answered. The bureau is looking into that,” he said but declined to say what the FCC‘s next move would be in that case. Verizon Wireless had cited increasing costs for the fee hike.

“There’s a very real level of consumer confusion around these areas,” Genachowski said.

[Via Yahoo News…]