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BugMe! BlackBerry Edition Updated

Electric Pocket Limited is announcing a significant update to the BlackBerry version of BugMe!, the simple and fun-to-use mobile app for staying on-task and on-time.

After the initial launch of the BlackBerry version of BugMe!, the company began work on the next version in response to user requests. The most significant new features include:

  • Reminder Alerts (nags) for notes so they will repeatedly alert you until acknowledged.
  • The ability to schedule BugMe! alarms on a monthly basis – both on the same day of each month and “First Tuesday” style.
  • Alarms set to repeat on a recurring basis will now display their next scheduled alert time.
  • The option to set a snooze time, which is ideal for those who use BugMe! to wake them up or who may not be able to act on an alert right when it sounds.
  • A daily email summary of notes with alarms for the next 24 hours.
  • Auto-backup of notes to SD card (if present).
  • Automatically checks for app updates, with a link to download the latest version.

BugMe! for BlackBerry makes it easy to quickly jot notes, ideas and tasks on-the-go and set any note as a reminder. BugMe! will automatically sound an alarm and pop-up an alert at the exact moment a reminder is needed.

BugMe! for BlackBerry is available for US$4.99 at For additional information, visit the ElectricPocket website.