Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Epic Infinity Blade 2 Arrives Tonight

Infinity Blade is an amazing game for the iPhone and iPad.  Starting at 11:00pm Eastern time later this evening, Epic is expected to begin selling Infinity Blade 2 for iOS.
"Beyond the enhanced visuals, Infinity Blade 2 also advances the storyline of the original game and expands the combat experience to include more options and less predictable enemies."
Infinity Blade is one of those games that I can play often and not get bored with.  I'm looking forward to more stunning graphics and touch-tastic RPG play tonight.


Fate of webOS Still Hangs in the Balance

According to a new article on today, the fate of webOS, the mobile operating system that HP acquired thru their acquisition of Palm, still hangs in the balance.

After having burned through a staggering $3.3 Billion on webOS, HP has abandoned their plans for any new webOS smartphones or tablets.
 "HP CEO Meg Whitman has gone on record in stating that a decision regarding the fate of webOS will be made within two weeks. HP took possession of webOS when it acquired Palm for $1.2 billion in 2010, and that buy yielded one failed tablet that was discontinued shortly after launching, three failed smartphones and soon, perhaps, the death of webOS itself."

Apple's Grand Central Store Nearing Completion

Apple has started teasing the opening of their new Grand Central Terminal retail store.  I was in Manhattan for the iPhone 4S launch and the store front still had the black facade up.  I'm looking forward to taking a new trip down to New York City in then few weeks to check out the new 23,000 square foot Apple Store.

Here's another shot of the store with it's teaser billboard.