Sunday, June 27, 2010

Palm CIO Magazine Ad

Admit it, you had no idea that Palm was trying to market their webOS phones the to enterprise. I didn't. So I was kind of surprised to be flipping through my back log of IT magazines and saw an ad for the Palm Pre and Pixi (no distinction between the "standard" and "plus" variety) in CIO Magazine.

The ad reads, in part:
"Palm Simplicity.
It's good business.

Mobile doesn't have to mean complicated. Palm webOS phones integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange, so here's no need for additional servers or middleware."

The ad ends with the line, "Learn more about how Palm can simplify your infrastructure at"

Let's hope that HP's marketing department can get the word out about webOS in a more meaningful way than Palm's could. The HP acquisition of Palm is expected to be finalized in the next few business days.
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