Monday, November 16, 2009

Rumor: Multiple Versions of the Apple "iTablet" On Tap

AppleInsider has a new article up today talking about a new round of what I'm calling "iTablet silly season." According to AppleInsider, a number of tech stock analysts have received new information about Apple's unconfirmed tablet computer that is suppose to hit store shelves before the end of Q1, 2010.
"In a roundup of speculation on the still-unannounced device, spoke with a number of analysts about the forthcoming tablet, set to debut in the first quarter of 2010. Most analysts heaped praise on the mythical device, predicting that it will take on a number of markets and eliminate the need for numerous devices.

One analyst, Laura DiDio with ITIC, reportedly provided supposed specifics on the hardware. She said the device will sport a "high-end graphics card" that will offer picture at a "stunning resolution" greater than the iPhone and iPod touch. She also stated that the device will come in "several different models," suggesting that a 3G-enabled version would be tied to a contract with a wireless carrier such as AT&T."

You can read the full article on the AppleInsider website...



bulls96 said...

are you gonna buy one Alan? Or are you going to wait for the Foleo WebOS? Or both?

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

This is such a tough call. I am a fan of and enjoy using both Palm and Apple's products.

I think that I'd probably get a Palm Foleo running webOS since I really like hardware keyboards. And I think that an iTablet is going to be closer to $1,000 than we think.

That said, I'm mulling over replacing my 3 year old white MacBook with a 15 or 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2010. If I do, and iTablet is pretty much out of the question.

Alan G