Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mobile Apps 360: BlueSwitch Solitaire Alley

Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at great mobile software for your iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

I just purchased a copy of BlueSwitch Solitaire Alley for my Palm Pre. Solitaire Alley is a basic no frills solitaire card game written for Palm webOS. To move cards around, you tap on the card or card stack you want to move and then tap on the pile you want to move to.

Solitaire Alley is available now from the Palm App Catalog for $0.99.

1 comment:

Zema said...

I am just crazy about Solitaire. Great news. I will definetly purchase for my iPhone4....