Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1SRC Podcast 210

The latest 1SRC Podcast has been posted for your listening enjoyment.

This week, on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover:

  • BoyGeniusReport claims they have the pricing model for the Palm Pre on Sprint.
  • Rumors are flying this week about the Centro replacement, the Eos.
  • Will the Foleo II with Palm webOS be the netbook Foleo always should have been?

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Bill said...

I am listening to your podcasts on my Palm TX and only want the regular version, but it has not shown up on 1src. When will #210 be there?

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

Hey there Bill!

There was a problem with the 1SRC standard show feed. It appears that Reggie has fixed the feed and the show does show up in iTunes on my Mac and PC. You should be good to download it now.

When I post the show, I post the standard version on first, followed by the enhanced version here on