Monday, April 27, 2009

1SRC Podcast 209

The latest 1SRC Podcast has been posted for your listening enjoyment.

This week, on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover:
  • Palm Pre abuse? I hope so!
  • Obligatory blurry photos of the Pre running a YouTube app
  • Smack talk from AT&T dissing the Palm Pre

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Friday, April 24, 2009

SplashNotes for iPhone/iPod touch Review

SplashData SplashNotes is an outlining tool that helps you capture your ideas and transform them into bite size actionable tasks that, when put all together, produces a completed project or product. The SplashNotes manual describes this process as having four discrete phases: brainstorming, organizing, analyzing, and finishing. If you don't know what that means, don't worry. The SplashNotes user guide gives you good examples for all of the phases of idea and task organization.

When you launch the application, you start by using one of the predefined outlines or by creating one of your own. Think of an outline as the thing that will hold all of your tasks in a neat little container. I find it much easier if I create some general outlines and then start grouping ideas and tasks into the outline that best describes what it is I'm trying to capture. Since I use my iPod touch at home as well as work, I have outlines called Home and Work. For larger work projects, I create a new, separate outline just for that project.

Once you have a few outlines going, it is easy to move them around simply by tapping the Edit button that lives in the top left of the screen. When you tap the Edit button you get the familiar controls for deleting and moving list items. If you tap on an outline while in Edit mode, the Outline Info page appears. Here you can change the settings specific to that particular outline. For example, you can chose to have your items show up as a simple bullet list or a bullet lists with check boxes. There are two views when you have the check box view turned on. You can choose to have checked off items remain in your list (a good positive motivator) or choose to have finished items cleared from the list, allowing you to focus on the remaining items that you need to focus on. The Outline Info page is also where you can select from a number of preinstalled icons that will appear to in the main outline list view. The icon selection is large and the icons themselves are well drawn, meaning that there should be an icon that fits your needs and makes that application easy to look at while you work.

I found the controls for managing the tasks in my outlines to be easy to use and intuitive. When you are ready to add a new list item, simply tap the plus icon at the top of the screen and start typing. To create a new list item after you have started typing, just press the return key on the on-screen keyboard and keep typing. There are also on-screen controls for moving the current line item up and down the list as well as in and out denting. When you indent a task, the item above it becomes the parent and a list expand/collapse triangle appears to the left of the parent. There are also control buttons for deleting the current task and closing the on screen keyboard when you are done typing.

SplashData has built-in a nice quick start guide into their application. For new users, I strongly suggest reading the full user guide on your desktop computer. The full documentation delves into how to get the most from the software. If you are already familiar with outline tools, then the on-device quick start guide gives you all the important details for using SplashNotes right away. I have also found the quick start guide to be an efficient way to review the features of the software when I'm using SplashNotes on my iPod touch.

If you want even more control over your outlines, SplashData has two other tools for you. Mac OS X and Windows users can purchase the optional SplashNotes iPhone Desktop software. With iPhone Desktop, you can sync your iPhone or iPod touch with your Mac or Windows PC over Wi-Fi if both devices are on the same local area network (LAN). Once you have installed the software on your computer, syncing data is easy. Just open iPhone Desktop as the foreground application and then tap the Sync button on your iPhone/iPod touch. The data from your device will instantaneously synchronize between the two devices. I like the Wi-Fi sync feature because my iPod and MacBook where quick to sync the data and I wasn't required to carry an iPod sync cable with me everywhere I went.

Affectionatos of David Allen's Getting Things Done will be happy to learn that SplashNotes comes bundled with a pre-configured GTD outline. I have used Allen's processing workflow diagram for a few years and SplashNotes was very easy tool to integrate into my process for capturing and managing my "stuff."

The one thing that I didn't line about SplashNotes really had nothing to do with the program at all. I really prefer a physical keyboard over the iPhone's virtual keyboard. I dislike the on screen keyboard so much that I go out of my way to avoid using it. I would have been more open to doing more data entry on my iPod if I could use SplashNotes in landscape mode rather than portrait mode. Hopefully, Apple is suppose to be building in better support for portrait and landscape modes for more applications in their iPhone OS 3.0 software update, which is due out later this year.

I would have also liked it if there was a way to purchase a SplashNotes application bundle which includes the iPhone/iPod touch application along with my choice of SplashNotes iPhone Desktop for Mac OS X or Windows. Again, this seems to be a limitation of Apple's App Store software resulting in the need for two purchases: once for the iPhone/iPod software and then another for the desktop application from the SplashData website.

All in all, I found SplashNotes to be an intuitive tool that I was able to quickly adopt into my daily workflow. During my second week of evaluating the software, SplashNotes really allowed me to keep track of tasks during a very busy week of project deadlines, follow up action items from my various meetings, and making sure I made all of the week's softball practice pickups and drop offs. SplashNotes is an essential tool for anyone who wants to be in complete control of all their ideas and action items.

SplashNotes for the iPhone and iPod touch is available now for $4.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store. The optional SplashNotes iPhone Desktop, which also works with the first and second generation iPod touch, can be purchased from SplashData's online web store for $9.95.

For more information about SplashNotes Outliner, visit the SplashData website.

HanDBase Mac OS X Conduit Available

DDH Software has done it's Mac users a solid by releasing a desktop sync conduit for their HanDBase software for iPhone/iPod touch users yesterday. The iPhone has been grabbing headlines since before it was officially announced. I'm glad to see more devleopers supporting the platform that has made all of this possible: Mac OS X.

DDH Software has announced availability of its Mac OS X conduit for syncing HanDBase databases stored on iPhone and iPod touch devices. HanDBase, a popular relational database for many types of mobile devices, was released last fall in the Apple iTunes App Store, and many users asked for a way to automatically synchronize their databases with their Macs. The new HanDBase Plus add-on package now affords them with this capability.
"We have had the Windows version of the conduit package available since the launch of HanDBase for iPhone in October," says Dave Haupert, President of DDH Software. "It's been a very popular add-on, but it was always our intention to also release a Mac version of the conduit as soon as we could. As a Mac user myself, I'm thrilled to be able to offer this product as we also announce our intentions to further enhance our Mac Desktop version of HanDBase throughout the coming year."

Along with the HanDBase Plus add-on for Macs, DDH Software is also announcing availability of a new version of its Mac Desktop application, the first of several major updates due this year, designed to incrementally add more editing features and functionality to the desktop companion product. In addition, the HanDBase for iPhone product has been updated with a new View and Edit Record screen layout, and improvements to its user interface.

HanDBase for iPhone is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for US $9.99. The new HanDBase Plus for iPhone add-on package is now available at with an introductory price of US $14.99.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

SplashPhoto, SplashNotes Released for iPhone, iPod touch

SplashData, Inc, a leading provider of productivity software for smartphones, today announced its SplashPhoto and SplashNotes applications are available on the Apple App Store. SplashPhoto is a mobile photo album manager and SplashNotes is a note-taking and outlining application. Both work on iPod touch and iPhone and both offer wireless synchronization with Windows and Mac OS X desktop applications that are available separately.

"The innovative features of iPhone and iPod touch, like the Multi-Touch user interface and amazing display, have allowed us to create really practical apps that will be helpful to a wide range of users," said Morgan Slain, SplashData’s CEO. “We think SplashPhoto and SplashNotes are going to enable great communication and collaboration and we look forward to continuing to create mobile apps that make a difference."

SplashPhoto offers iPhone and iPod touch users a fast, easy-to-use photo organizer with two-way sync to a free PC or Mac OS X desktop version. This unique desktop application enables users to organize image collections into personalized categories and, upon synchronization, the images are arranged accordingly on the iPhone or iPod touch. There is no limit to the number of categories that users can create. SplashPhoto will also upload to, and download from, Flickr and Picasa collections, and photos taken with the iPhone are automatically geo-tagged so they can be mapped on Flickr and Picasa.

SplashNotes is a powerful notetaking and outlining application that syncs directly with companion Mac or Windows software which enables users to enter their outlines on a desktop computer and then synchronize the notes with the iPhone or iPod touch to take with them wherever they go. SplashNotes gives users the ability to create outlines of any size and complexity, attach notes and photos for quick recall, and display lists with checkboxes to turn outlines into task lists.

SplashPhoto and SplashNotes are available for $4.99 each from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at

The desktop version of SplashNotes is available at for $9.95. The free SplashPhoto Desktop software is also available at

I have been using SplashNotes on my iPod touch and syncing it with my MacBook for about two weeks now and I've really come to enjoy using the software on my iPod, Mac OS X, and Windows notebooks. People who are looking for a good task management tool are going to get a lot of value out of SplashNotes.

Look for my review of SplashNotes over the next few days.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Palm's Pre Gets Handled by Angelina Jolie

Dieter Bohn over at is reporting that Angelina Jolie has been spending some "quality time" with Palm's upcoming smart(er)phone, the Pre.
"Being a Palm Pre blogger is tough, yo. One minute a tipster has you headed to your local shop to check out the latest Playboy for an article about the Pre, the next you're hunting down pictures of Angelina Jolie. These are but some of the services we provide [at]."

Read the full article over at

(Mr. Bohn states that the photo has been altered to add the Palm Pre.)

This article reminds me of another celeb showing off her new Palm.

(Claudia Schiffer and the Palm Vx special edition. This photo hasn't been altered.)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

1SRC Podcast 208

The latest 1SRC Podcast has been posted for your listening enjoyment.

This week, on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover:
  • MotionApps updates their Classic FAQ; reveals more details.
  • leaks some new Pre details; says Pre is in mass production.
  • Will Palm charge $70 for the totally cool Touchstone? Probably.
  • Windows Mobile Minute: My impressions of Palm's new Treo Pro (Sprint Edition)

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Palm webOS Video Gallery

Clemens Schuchert, the editor of PUGcast the Blog, has assembled a large collection of YouTube videos of the many various Palm Pre and webOS videos that have been posted to the service.

The videos, which cover the Pre, webOS, and MotionApps Classic, have been assembled from a variety of sources including Palm's 2009 CES unveiling of the Pre and webOS, media interviews with Palm and Elevation Partners, and MotionApps.

Can't get enough of the Pre and webOS? Make sure you checkout PUGcast the Blog.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Palm Treo Pro Is On the Way

I have received word that Palm has shipped out a Sprint edition Treo Pro to me to take out for a test drive. Stay tuned for a review in the near future. I'm looking forward to playing with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional that has the brand spankin' new Pocket Internet Explorer 6.1 baked in.

Unlocked Palm Centro Now $199

Palm, in an emailed newsletter, has announced that customers of Palm's online store and pick up an unlocked Centro for a cool $199. Palm sells the unlocked Centro in three colors: Ruby Red, Glacier White, and my favorite, Cobalt Blue.

The Centro is a full-featured smartphone that brings the well respected ease of use of the Palm OS to a respectable price point without having to sign a 2-year contract or extension with AT&T or T-Mobile.

To start shopping for your new Centro, visit the Palm online store.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Briefly Noted: iPhone Apps, Smartphone OCD

This is just a quick note to talk about what is on my mind right now.

iPhone and iPod touch Software
I just downloaded three interesting applications form the Apple iTunes App Store: SplashNotes Outliner (link), WootWatch (link), and Cellfire Mobile Coupons (link). I'll let you know which ones stay on my iPod touch and which ones get the bit bucket after I've had some time to play with them.

More Smartphones
Many of my readers know I suffer from smartphone OCD. It has been about five months since I purchased my BlackBerry Curve. I'm starting to get that itch to smartphone again. This time I'm looking at the Palm Treo Pro (Sprint edition) or the T-Mobile G1. I like the looks of the Treo Pro body design, 320x320 display, and built in Wi-Fi. But...I haven't had a chance to play with the G1 yet. And let's not forget that DataViz Documents To Go is now available for Android phones, whcih includes the G1.

Mobile Apps 360: iFighterLite

Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPod touch smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

iFighterLite is a free horizontal scrolling aerial combat game developed by EpicForce. You assume the role of a World War II ace fighter pilot on a mission to destroy a secret weapon being developed by the Nazis.

You can control your fighter in one of two ways: by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch or by dragging your finger across the screen. I've tried both input controls, and I liked the tilt method better. Game play is straigh forward. If a tank, artilary cannon, or other airplane is shooting at you, shoot back! As you destroy your enemies, they will drop power ups including silver and gold stars, gold medals, weapons power ups, and extra health points. When things get a little to hot to handle, you can tap the Bomb button to call in some extra support to help clear away the all of the ground forces that are on the screen.

I was attracted to the game because it reminded me of another horizontal fighter game from the early 1980's, Capcom's 1942. You will find that while it is easy to learn to play, the game is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. I have been playing iFighterLite for the last few days yet, and I still have not been able to clear the first level yet, but I am getting better at piloting my fighter around other aircraft and dodging bullets.

Despite not being able to clear the first level, I keep coming back to the game because it is fun to play and game's graphics are very good. The sound effects for the menus and in game are also good and add the fun of the game.

iFighterLite is fun for both fans of scrolling arcade games and the casual gamer looking for some fun while on the go. iFighterLite 1.0 is a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store. EpicFoce is expecting version 1.1 to be released soon (it has already been submitted for approval).

If you like iFighterLite, you may want to also try EpicForce's other games ChocChocPop and ChocChopPop Lite, in which you help Emily match up tastey treats. ChocChocPop sells for $1.99 in the App Store, while ChocChocPop Lite version is a free download.

For more information, check out the EpicForce website.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mark/Space Introduces Missing Sync Business Edition

Mark/Space has just informed us that they have released The Missing Sync Business Edition.

The Missing Sync Business Edition is a premium service being provided by Mark/Space that gives corporate customers some nice perks. Customers who opt to by a Business Edition license will receive:
  • A license to install the Missing Sync desktop software on two computers
  • Software upgrades and updates for the year
  • Access to the software upgrade subscription page
  • Priority email support with a 4-hour response window with priority queuing
I like that Mark/Space has included, along with their other services, a license to install the desktop software on two computers. It is always a dilemma for corporate IT departments and business customers to justify extra software licenses for second computers whether they are a corporate issued desktop and notebook, or company computer and a home computer. With the Business Edition of The Missing Sync, customers and IT shops are able to legally install any of the Missing Sync desktop software editions on two computers.

The Missing Sync desktop software is available for BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Nokia and Symbian smartphones.

The Missing Sync Business Edition is available now and sells for $89.95 and can be purchased from the Mark/Space online store.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rumor: Pre Gets a Launch Date claims that they have the inside track on the real release date for the new Palm Pre smartphone.
"According to internal memos circulating within Sprint Retail Stores, Sprint has implemented a vacation freeze during the month of May for all front-end employees and has begun the process of employee training with the Palm Pre in preparation for one of two launch windows.

The first window involves Sprint receiving retail units of the Pre around late April to early May in preparation for a preliminary May 17th launch.

The second window involves Sprint receiving the same units in the aforementioned timeframe, but depending on the unit level received for stocking and sales, the launch would then be postponed to June 29th if the initial shipments are deemed too low to begin initial sales in May."

Friday, April 10, 2009

1SRC Podcast 207

The latest 1SRC Podcast has been posted for your listening enjoyment. Starting with show 207, I will be offering the show in .AAC format for people who listen to the show in Apple iTunes or on their iPhone and iPod. This "enhanced" podcast will include chapter markers and artwork.

This week, on the 1SRC Podcast, I cover:
  • How would you change 1SRC?
  • 1SRC Podcast enhancements
  • Palm and MotionApps announce Classic for webOS
  • Palm talks "cloud services" for webOS and the Mojo SDK
  • Windows Mobile Minute

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Rumor: Palm Pre Launch Date

ComputerWorld is reporting that an Everything Treo forum member has posted that Palm and Sprint could be launching the new Pre smartphone as early as April 15 or 16.
"Reports circulated on a Palm Inc. user forum that the highly anticipated Palm Pre smartphone would be available on Tax Day, April 15, but a spokesman for the Pre's wireless carrier would only say that the device would ship in the first half of the year.

A posting by someone identified as "Inittowinit" on the Everything Treo forum claimed that a Sprint Nextel Corp. customer-service representative on Saturday said that the Pre would be available on April 15 or 16 and that it would cost $300 after discounts with a two-year agreement. However, the poster added that the April date seemed too early, given the absence of any Palm advertising for the new smartphone."

Read the full CW article...


Palm Treo Pro comes to Telus in Canada

Earlier today Palm announced that its Treo Pro smartphone is now available at TELUS in Canada. With its smartly designed high-resolution color touch screen and full web-browsing capabilities layered on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, Treo Pro is the ideal smartphone for business users and consumers.

Treo Pro offers TELUS clients simplicity and productivity - including TELUS mobile email, TELUS Navigator, Wi-Fi, web and 3G network capabilities - to meet the needs of businesses and consumers alike. Treo Pro's thin design blends style and functionality with an LCD touch screen, one-touch buttons and a full QWERTY keyboard.

Similar to the recently released Treo Pro for Sprint here in the United States, the Telus Treo Pro will also feature Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional.

The Telus Treo Pro can be purchased for as low as $149.99 with a 3-year voice and data plan activation with a minimum $20 monthly service fee.

For more information about Treo Pro at TELUS, visit the Palm website or

Monday, April 6, 2009

Palm's Pre Smartphone in Sprint's New TV Ad

Jimmie over at posted the new Sprint ad, in which the Palm Pre makes an appearance, posted to his website.

I kind of like this ad. I don't know why, it just strikes me as being funny. Not the laughing-so-hard-you-fall-out-of-your-chair funny, but funny none the less. Ok, enough of this money business. Just check out the commercial and let's hope that we will be able to get our hands on the Pre before the end of May.

Sprint/Nextel Releases MR2 for BlackBerry 8350i

Late on Friday afternoon, Sprint/Nextel released Maintenance Release 2 (MR2) for the Nextel BlackBerry 8350i.

Shortly after it's initial release, issues where discovered with the long awaited Nextel phone. Sprint and RIM are finally showing 8350i customers some love with MR2. According to a post on Sprint's discussion forums, MR2 addresses the following issues:
  • Echo Issue
  • MMS Improvements
  • 1.) Remove original message when replying*
  • 2.) Cursor now defaults to the message body when replying
* Quiet and Vibrate Profiles will move Nextel Direct Connect calls to handset

Customers that have already upgraded to the (225) software version will be able to complete this upgrade over the air. The upgrade will take approximately 60 minutes.

That's good news. However, a few hours after releasing MR2, Sprint discovered that a service book update after the device software update was still required.
"The one issue we said would be fixed with MR2 that was not immediately fixed was: Remove Original Message when replying to a text message. This fix requires the download of MR2 and a service book push to your device. Sprint conducted some additional testing on the service book push this week and today sent approval to RIM.

When this fix is available RIM will push it to all devices and it will just require you to reset your device to see the change.

We estimate this push to be out by April 10."
So it sounds like Sprint/Nextel customers who have the BlackBerry 8350i should hold off applying the update until at least this coming Friday, April 10th. If you are one of the brave readers who have forged ahead with this update, let us know how you made out by leaving a comment.

BlackBerry Device Software (316) [aka MR2] can be downloaded directly from the Sprint BlackBerry 8350i downloads page. You can also download the latest edition of the BlackBerry Desktop software 4.7 and the older BlackBerry Device Software update [aka MR1] from the same page.

Rumor: New GSM BlackBerry Devices

In addition to yesterday's Verizon HTC Touch Diamond news, operatives also got some dirt on new RIM BlackBerry GMS devices that are under development.
"[O]ne of our ninjas just hit us up with some really interesting BlackBerry info. While the specs of the following codenames are confirmed, releases are not, and as such, this should be used for information sake. Here’s what we got: BlackBerry Onyx, BlackBerry Driftwood, BlackBerry Magnum.

Now, those are three different devices with practically the same rough specs. We’d wager than the BlackBerry Magnum and Driftwood are the same device just meant for different carriers. Possibly the Driftwood for T-Mobile let’s say, and the Magnum for AT&T (who doesn’t offer UMA). Is that the BlackBerry with touch screen and physical QWERTY? Probably."
Head over to for the full article including the rumored device specs.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

BGR: VZW's HTC Touch Diamond Drops This Week

 has a new post up today stating that they have gotten word that Verizon's custom HTC Touch Diamond will be launching later this week. If the report is correct, the Touch Diamond will go on sale this Friday, April 10. The initial launch will be limited to B2B/Telesales/Web customers.

BGR goes on to state that the the Diamond can be had for as little as $199.99 with a qualifying two-year service agreement. Don't want to extend your current contact? That's fine, but Verizon will be asking you to hand over $469.99 for this unit.

BGR's operatives have listed the following items as having been changed from HTC's stock mobile:
  • CPU: Qualcomm 7500A
  • Speed: 528 MHz
  • RAM size: 128MB
  • Flash size: 256MB
  • Display resolution: 480×640
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus
Also included is Windows Mobile 6.1 and an EVDO Rev. A cellular radio.

For more details, check out the full BGR article including photos of the Verizon model.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

More Details on Palm OS Emulation on webOS

Earlier this week Palm geeks everywhere where happy to learn that there would be third-party support for emulating Palm OS 5 on the new webOS platform thanks to the efforts of MotionApps. has some footage from the CTIA Wireless show of the the Pre's product manager showing off MotionApps' Classic running on webOS.

What I find really cool about this is that we can have our cake and eat it too. webOS is the much needed shot in the arm that is required to help reboot Palm and fling them back into the spotlight as an innovator in the mobile computing space. But who want's to be out there in webOS with not of the great software that you have been using for the last decade? For me, old habbits die hard, and I want to be able to have my Handmark Astraware games and DataViz Passwords Plus.

If you watch closely in the demo, you will learn that there is full 5-way nav support in Classic and Palm and Motion have worked together to ensure that the keyboard is fully integrated into the emulation environment. There was no word on whether or not you could continue to HotSync information and applications into Classic (my guess is no), but there was an icon called HotSync ID, which I'm guessing is a way to program your old Palm OS device's HotSync ID into the Classic environment. When you mount the Pre in USB drive mode to your Mac or PC desktop computer, you will be able to copy Palm OS applications (.prc files) and databases (.pdb files) int the classic folder and they will become available in Classic.

There was one other interesting morsel briefly mentioned in the demo. The person running the demo indicates that they worked with the developer of the popular medical package, epocrates, to come up with a new over the air (OTA) installer for the software. Holy smokes!! Sounds like MotionApps could be building in wireless support for Classic that might allow Classic to access the Pre's cellular radio to get wireless Internet access for your old Palm OS applications. How cool is that?! Pretty cool, huh? MotionApps plans to release more details as we get closer to the release of webOS and the new Palm Pre. The Palm product manager for the Pre indicates that Palm wants to make sure that customers will have the ability to run all of their favorite Palm OS applications on day one when the Pre goes on sale for Sprint.

For more details, keep checking the MotionApps website. Click the link below to watch the SlashGear video.

Palm Working Hard to Position Pre As the Anti-iPhone

Palm and their Pre launch partner Sprint have been working to show the mobile phone industry, specifically, end users, that the new Palm Pre is everything that the Apple iPhone is and more when it comes to third-party applications.

AppleInsider has an article of interest to Palm fans this morning.
"While third-party apps are being trumpeted as the iPhone's strength, key Palm Pre demos this week were designed to highlight their restrictions by taking advantage of those precise things that Apple won't allow.

At Sprint's press lounge during the CTIA Wireless Association's annual event, Palm stressed the advantages of the new webOS platform at the heart of the Pre by running presentations of carefully selected third-party software live on sample phones.

Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Palm also underlined Apple's refusal to permit interpreting code within third-party apps by showcasing an emulator that does just this. Mobile software developer MotionApps released an app known as Classic that, much as with Apple's own Classic that was present in Mac OS X until Leopard, recreates the entire working environment for an older operating system. In the case of webOS, it lets Pre users run PalmOS apps near full speed and as just one of any other, native apps that can be running at the same time."

Palm really surprised us when they showed off the Palm Pre and it's new mobile operating sytsem, webOS. webOS is the successor to the venerable Palm OS which has had a long service life over the last decade powering Palm's original PDA product line and then making the jump to the company's Treo and Centro smartphones.

The Pre and webOS are considered a make or break product launch for Palm. The more I learn about this new hardware and software dymamic duo, the more excited I am to get my hands on the hardware and software.

Read the full article on

Thursday, April 2, 2009

BlackBerry App World Goes Live

Research In Motion has launched BlackBerry App World; their online vehicle for delivering new applications, both free and paid, directly to customer's Berry.

System Requirements

Before you can use App World on your BlackBerry, you need to meet the following system requirements.

To ensure that your BlackBerry smartphone will support BlackBerry App World, it must have the following system requirements:
  1. BlackBerry Device Software version 4.2 or higher
  2. BlackBerry smartphones with trackballs or SurePress touch screen
  3. BlackBerry App World is only available to customers in US, Canada and UK and may not be available on all networks
  4. To use BlackBerry App World, you require a service plan that includes access to the BlackBerry Browser
You will also need to setup a PayPal account.

Installing App World on Your Berry

If you meet the requirements, use your Berry to surf over to to load up the new on-device application to get started. Want to learn more about App World? Check out this spiffy video or visit the App World support site.

PhatWare Releases PhatNotes 5.4 for Windows Mobile

PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces today the release of PhatNotes 5.4, the new update of the company's award-winning notes organizer software for Microsoft Windows-based desktop computers and Windows Mobile smartphones. PhatNotes 5.4 is available in two editions: PhatNotes and PhatNotes for Outlook.
"PhatNotes provides powerful note-taking and organizing features for both Windows phones and Microsoft Office Outlook," said Steve Hegenderfer, group product manager of the Developer Experience Team in the Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft Corp. "PhatWare's application, built on the Windows Mobile platform, provides mobile professionals with added value and convenience while on the go."
PhatNotes for Outlook includes the simplified version of PhatNotes for both Windows Mobile Standard and Professional or Classic devices. It does not include the desktop software which is replaced with Outlook notes synchronization software that supports ActiveSync 4.5 or later on Windows XP and Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 on Windows Vista.

PhatNotes Availability and Pricing
PhatNotes 5.4 is available now at the list price of $39.95, while PhatNotes for Outlook 5.4 is priced at $19.95. Free 30-day trial versions of PhatNotes and PhatNotes for Outlook can be downloaded from the PhatWare web site at Existing users of the corresponding editions of PhatNotes 5.x can upgrade to the latest version free of charge.

DataViz Brings Documents To Go, RoadSync to Android

Documents To Go Standard Edition 1.0

Today, DataViz has released Documents To Go Standard Edition 1.0 and a beta release of RoadSync for Google Android. Documents To Go and the RoadSync beta will work on any Android powered device, including the T-mobile G1, the HTC Dream, and the Vodafone HTC Magic.
"We are very excited to announce the release of Documents To Go Standard Edition version 1.0 for Android plus our RoadSync Beta for Android. Documents To Go is the first mobile Office suite for Android that supports editing of native Microsoft Word and Excel files!"
  • View, edit and create native Microsoft Word and Excel files.
  • Office 97-2008 support (the first and only!).
  • Send and receive attachments with Gmail and other mobile email solutions.
  • Supported devices include the T-mobile G1, HTC Dream, Vodafone HTC Magic and other devices running Android OS.
  • We're certain you'll find that our 10+ years of developing mobile solutions brings a feature rich, enterprise-grade office suite to devices based on the Android platform!
RoadSync Beta

RoadSync provides push-email notifications for Microsoft Exchange email servers.
"Based on Exchange ActiveSync technology licensed directly from Microsoft, the RoadSync Beta provides secure, wireless and direct push synchronization of corporate e-mail, contacts and attachments - all in one affordable, scalable and easy to manage package.

In addition to significantly enhancing end-user productivity, RoadSync simultaneously lowers IT costs by providing an easy to implement mobility strategy which eliminates the need for middleware servers and subscription fees."
Documents To Go is now available exclusively through Android Market for a limited-time introductory price of $19.99 (regularly $29.99). For more information about Documents To Go and RoadSync for Google Android, visit the DataViz website.

Astraware Goes "Crazy" for Spring!

Astraware, Handmark's game division, has released Crazy Daisy for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch.

The object of Crazy Daisy is to match up the colored flower petals to score points. Line up more color combination to rack up big bonuses like "Daisy Chain" and "Flower Power".

Crazy Daisy has thee modes of play: the hectic race against the clock arcade mode; the more brain challenging, take your time to score big points puzzle mode; and the casual gamer's delight, endless play mode.

The iPhone and iPod touch edition of Crazy Daisy features gorgeous garden-themed animations with slinky snails, buzzing bees, cute caterpillars and lots more! The game will save automatically when you exit and you can play your own music in the background with the sound effects on or off.

Crazy Daisy for iPhone/iPod touch is available now from the Apple iTunes App Store for $0.99. Crazy Daisy is also available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices. For more information, visit the Astraware website.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1SRC Podcast 206

The 1SRC Podcast came back from hiatus this week and I sum up what has been going on in the Palm community for the last few weeks.

Listen to 1SRC Podcast 206...

This show was written and recorded before Palm's announcements earlier today at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. Be sure to listen to next week's podcast for more news and my usual brand of wingnut analysis.

Palm Talks webOS SDK, Cloud Services, and Palm OS Emulation

Earlier this evening, I received an email from Palm announcing an expanded software development kit (SDK), their plans for cloud computing services and integration, and yes, Palm OS emulation is coming to webOS!

"Today at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, Palm announced its webOS Early Access Program for developers. The Mojo SDK, previously available only to a select group of partners, will now be provided to a broader set of interested developers that apply for access at the Palm Developer Network website here: Initially, access to the program will be limited as the tools and systems continue to be refined and improved, with general availability scheduled for later this year. Additionally, Palm announced its plans for integrating cloud services into the new platform and an application from MotionApps that will allow legacy Palm OS applications to run on webOS devices."

Check out Palm's full press release

This is totally awesome! Palm is finally starting to talk about the things that have been driving me nuts since January!

Palm OS 5 Emulation Coming to webOS

 is reporting that Palm indeed does have an ace up their sleeves for their new webOS mobile operating system that will debut on the Pre smart(er)phone.

"I just finished getting a great Palm Pre app walkthrough from Palm (video coming soon!), but this couldn't wait for the upload to finish. There was one app that Palm didn't want to talk about (but we suspect will be revealed tonight) the "Classic" icon you see above with a logo of a Palm device and a decidedly "Mac OS 9 Classic" feel to it.

Don't blink: Palm looks as though they are going to support PalmOS apps on the Pre and webOS via some sort of emulation app!"

PreCentral also reports that the emulation layer is being provided by MotionApps. The Classic icon is the third icon in the third column.

Read the full article...

Given the fact that today is April 1, you might write this off as an April Fool's Day joke. The folks at PreCentral are on record as saying this is no joke. I'm really looking forward to this development and taking the new emulation environment out for a spin.

[Thanks to my anonymous tipster for the heads up.]