Wednesday, February 4, 2009

BGR: Sprint Smartphone Line Up Leaked has gotten then hands on some upcoming handset changes coming to Sprint over the next few months. Take the list with a grain of salt, as I agree with Mr. Epstein that it will likely be "later" than "sooner" for the Palm Pre to launch, especially if Sprint is sitting on a large inventory of blue Treo 755p handsets.

Device Name - Projected Warehouse EOL - Replacement (if available)

Palm 755P (blue) - Late May - Palm Pre (target in-stock 3/15)
Palm Centro (berry) - June
Palm Centro (green) - July
Palm Centro refresh (black) - July
Palm 800W - April - Palm Treo Pro (target in-stock 2/15)
RIM BlackBerry 7100i - August - RIM BlackBerry 8350i
RIM BlackBerry Pearl (red) - May
HTC Touch Diamond - July
LG Rumor (blue) - Mid February - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
LG Rumor (green) - Mid March - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
LG Rumor (black) - Mid April - LG 265 Rumor II (target in-stock 2/15)
Samsung M520 Lumina - Mid April - LG LX370 (slider)
Sanyo 6750 Eclipse (pink) - June
Motorola Q9C - Mid June
Sierra 597E - July - Sierra 2-in-1 Aircard
Motorola VE20 - July

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