Friday, December 26, 2008

Where Have I Seen This Idea Before?

 has a picture of a Research In Motion BlackBerry keyboard patent that shows a drawing of a BlackBerry Pearl-like device with a fold out keyboard.

Interesting that this photo surfaced. Didn't we see an "unidentified" smartphone that transforms to allow you to use a hidden keyboard? I wonder if these transforming phones are all the rage in smartphone OEM developer circles?


blackberry store said...

Well, I haven't seen one of these made by RIM, so I assume they're in it for the patent only.

unlock htc legend said...

There are already new phones today that resemble that kind of feature. You can now have an option to use the touch screen or the keyboards. I think Nokia had made this kind of design around 2 years ago before they decided to create a new touch and type phones.