Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bring on the "New-ness"

My Palm OCD meter has just hit the roof! Reports are coming into Smartphone Fanatics that Palm has sent out invitations to a special press event to be held during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this coming January.

Based on the wording on the emailed invitation, the Palm community is brimming with excitement. The invitation reads, "Come to CES to see all that Palm New-ness you've been waiting for."

That "New-ness" can only be Palm's next-generation operating system that I've been calling Palm OS II for years now; and that Palm has codenamed Nova. As many Smartphone Fanatics readers have pointed out in the past, Nova translates to "New" in some languages.

Palm fans have been waiting for the successor to Palm OS 5 literally for years and after all the waiting, it is clear that Colligan & Co. are about to make good on all their promises.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


bulls96 said...

Did you get an invite Alan? You should!! :)

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

Hi Bulls,

No, regrettably, I was not invited to the event. I do know someone who is going and I have told them to take lots of photos for Palm allows it.

Alan G

BaDZeD said...

If not, they should bring one of those $30 dollar spycams (that fit in a pack of gum) they sell on eBay! We need a good scoop!


BTW How is it going with your blackberry, Alan? Switching phones on Sprint is actually pretty easy in their online account manager.