Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sprite Archie - Backup Call Log and SMS Messages

Sprite Software, makers of the popular Windows Mobile backup solution, Sprite Backup, has released a new application, Sprite Archie. Sprite Archie allows you to back up your Windows Mobile phone's call log and SMS messages to Outlook's Inbox.

This is great news for users of devices made by ODMs like HTC. Users of Palm's Windows Mobile smartphones will only be able to backup their call log because of Palm's custom threaded SMS application.

The latest release of Archie allows you to backup messages and the call log to your PC, however, the current version does not allow you to restore that data to a new or replacement phone. Sprite does indicate on their website that they are working on adding that functionality in a future release.

Sprite Archie is available now for $14.95 from the Sprite online store. A downloadable demo is also available. For more information about Sprite Archie, please visit the Sprite Software website.


Sucy said...

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call recording said...

This is really a great feature.

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Derrick Patterson said...

Sprite Archie, I think, can also be used as a crm call center software. This way, companies can track down or monitor any activities that an employees does every time.