Thursday, November 15, 2007

Palm and Handhelds: The Writing Is on the Wall

Brighthand Editor-in-Chief, Ed Hardy, has posted an very interesting article called "Palm and Handhelds: The Writing Is on the Wall." Mr. Hardy writes:
"A few months ago, I wrote an editorial asking for peoples' thoughts on what the next traditional handheld from Palm, Inc. ought to look like.

At that time, I promised to write a followup editorial compiling everyone's suggestions. I never did this, and I want to explain why: I am now convinced that Palm will never release another traditional handheld. Ever."
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While I have been a user and supporter of Palm's handhelds for many years, I do agree with Mr. Hardy's assessment. Palm has been very careful to communicate to their customer base that handhelds were becoming less and less of their business based on sales figures.


Lawrence said...

1) I trust you will post info if any of the Foleo 1's ever come up for sale on ebay or anywhere.

2) Darn -- all I want is a tablet larger version of a Tx. The Foleo 1 + the new Garnet compatibility VM might have been just the ticket

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

I don't bother with eBay, but I have a few people keeping an eye out for me. I really don't think we'll see any Foleos show up on eBay regardless.

If you like PDAs over the Treo, maybe the Nokia N800-series Internet tablets with the Garnet VM might be right for you.

Alan G

Lawrence said...

Thanks for your reply.

Maybe this is the place to add that I really enjoy your show. I listen to it every week and hope you'll continue doing it.

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

You're welcome.

And thank you for listening to my Palm Powered podcast over at And don't worry, I'll keep doing the show as long as there is a Palm or Palm OS devices around.

Alan G