Monday, October 1, 2007

Rumor: Treo 800w Coming to Verizon

Those of you who have been following along with my weekly "Palm Powered" podcast over on know that I've been wondering out loud about Verizon and their Palm Treo line up.

Until recently, the Treo 700p and 700w|wx maintenance releases where unavailable, the new Centro will be a Sprint exclusive until the new year, and the 755p, which has been available on Sprint for months how is nowhere in sight on the Verizon radar. Will Verizon go a holiday season without a new device from Palm? Until recently, it looked like the answer might be "Yes". Starting today, I'm officially calling for the start of "Treo 800w Silly Season."

Silly Seasons are the months leading up to a new Palm product launch where Palm fan sites, like Foleo Fanatics, and discussion boards are a buzz with rumors and wild speculation about the next rumored device. In this case, it is the rumored successor to the Treo 700w|wx, the Treo 800w.

I'm not even going to start making predictions about what this device will have on board or even what form factor it will have; except to say that I expect the Treo 800w, if it is real, to be running the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional operating system. (And I'm not even going to go near any rumors of a Treo 800p running Palm OS II. It is way too soon for anything like that to be even close to ready.)

For those who want to get a head start on the Treo 800w Silly Season, check out TreoCentral member howicam's post from this past weekend. If that doesn't jump start rumors, I don't know what will. Just keep in mind that this is only a rumor at this point, and I have not confirmed any of the information in the post.

Do you think we'll see a new Windows Mobile Treo on Verizon before the Christmas holiday? Let us know by clicking the Comments link below and sharing your thoughts.

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