Tuesday, August 7, 2007

LogMeIn Adds Support for the Palm Foleo

Palm and Foleo software partner LogMeIn have announced a client for Palm's upcoming Foleo Mobile Companion.

LogMeIn is a free service that securely connects a remote client with a personal or corporate computer across the Internet. Attendees of this week's LinuxWorld conference can see a demo of the LogMeIn client running on the Foleo at Palm's booth, number 925.

"This alliance with Palm is a perfect fit for us. The Foleo is designed for people on the go and - by using LogMeIn - they will be able to access their files, documents, photos and music as if they were at their office or home PC," said Richard Redding, vice president, business development, LogMeIn. "We are excited to work with Palm and extend LogMeIn's offerings to improve the experience of Foleo users."

"The Foleo is the perfect device for mobile professionals who want to travel lighter and carry only what they absolutely need," said Mark Bercow, senior vice president of business development for Palm, Inc. "By adding LogMeIn to the Foleo, users can travel with the essentials, but still have access to files and documents left behind."

Read the full Palm press release...


Sam said...

hi there, i found u got so many articles talking about the dead palm foleo :) I got one recently.

I am finding ways to get the logmein client for my foleo. May I query that do you have one? Thanks so much.


Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...

Before this site was "SmartphoneFanatics", it was called "FoleoFanatics." That is the reason why I have so many articles about the Foleo here.

As you know, the Foleo never became a commercial device, so I never had the chance to get one.

Alan G

Eugene Goldman said...

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