Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Chad Garrett - Why I Think the Foleo is Brilliant

Chad Garrett has posted an article over on Ranting...In a Mobile World titled "Why I think the Palm Foleo is brilliant".

At first, I did not know what to think of the Palm Foleo. What is it? A mobile companion? A laptop? It certainly is not the "new" Treo or device I was hoping for. That aside, it is just what I think any mobile professional or tech person needs.

The Palm Foleo is essentially a very thin, light flashed-based, instant on/off, Linux powered "laptop". I say "laptop" because that is instantly what it will be compared to. Every one I have spoken to says, "Why would Palm do this. I carry a laptop, Treo, now this? It's too much!". These people are missing one big point: the device is an accessory meant to sync with your smartphone to make your portable life easier- it is not meant to replace your laptop.

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Leo said...

Hye Guys, check this out!!!

Especially the second pic, I see more apps there ;)

Soon a Video

BTW, I`m Foleo Lover!!!

Jorge Alves said...

When will the Foleo specs be released?

Alan Grassia, Staff Writer said...


Palm has said that the full product specs will be released when the Foleo is launched. We'll post the specs when they become available.

Alan G

Jorge Alves said...

Thanks Alan.